1. Any Set Designers / Production Managers looking for assistance short-term or long-term?
  2. Are there any graffiti artists on here!
  3. Any shoot producers or art directors want to meet up for a coffee on me?:)
  4. Any street style photographer available to shoot in London this weekend? Blogger style images of myself #photographer
  5. Any emergent designers based in London? It would be cool to collaborate for a music video we are making. Thank you!!
  6. Any small brands, photgraphers, models, stylists or videographers wanting to collab in London??
  7. Anyone seeking marketing, digital, social or brand strategy. Looking to over-deliver on pro bono work to develop case studies HMU
  8. Any advice when a potential dream client runs super hot, then goes cold and silent? Do I keep emailing or is this annoying & desperate?
  9. Anybody need some graphic work done?
  10. Anyone love spoken word? Come along to our queer spoken word evening tomorrow!
  11. Anyone know a good UK based silk scarf manufacturer?
  12. Anyone interested in collaborating? Photographer looking to shoot more portraits, interiors + lifestyle site
  13. Anyone up in the north west have anything interesting coming up soon they need help with ??
  14. a project where i remediated the classic T Dream lp Rubicon into a set of rules and built a new work — has anyone else done similar?
  15. Anyone looking for a Project Manager based in London? Would love to connect :)
  16. Anyone in Milan on March ?
  17. Any freelance Art Directors out there who would be available to collaborate on an upcoming photography project in Hamburg?
  18. Any directors who want to work on a ten week showcase programme for actors! Starting next month.
  19. Anybody here knows how to make a photo book?
  20. Are you looking for a studio space to share with other creatives? I run a boutique graphic design studio and we currently have a desk spare.
  21. Anyone want to collaborate/shoot?
  22. Anyone know or is a web designer? Thanks
  23. Actively looking for a midweight-senior Interior Designer's role in Retail, Exhibition and/ Workplace Design in Manchester / London area.
  24. Are you thinking of your next career move?