1. Any Creative Writers/journalists needing Photo + Video collaborators? I'm wanting to do more editorial/documentary work that tells stories
  2. Anyone free for a shoot collaboration this week ? Models Photographers Creative director’s Stylist Please let me know
  3. Advertising photoshoot sessions for fashion students in final year collections. Anyone from UK based universities interested ?
  4. Anyone know how I can get brand exposure for my made in Africa independently owned fashion business?
  5. Anyone know of any elegant solutions for displaying 9:16 content in a 16:9 showreel?
  6. Anyone going to Cannes film festival's marché du film?
  7. Any photography assistants free this Friday 28thFeb, 2pm-7pm for a shoot in Stoke Newington (unpaid)?
  8. Any designer/brands looking for interns in summer????
  9. Anyone know of any work / internships going for videographers , photographers etc.
  10. Anyone know a great coworking space in Minsk?
  11. Any London based producers interested in meeting up over a coffee to talk indie films, current projects and all the in-between?
  12. Any MUA and Hairstylist available to shoot on Saturday 29th feb for an exciting editorial? Feel free to DM or insta. x
  13. Anyone know anyone willing to model for a wig brand
  14. Any website developers who is also good with coding?
  15. Anyone based in London for the next few months interested in collaborating on a series of paintings ??
  16. Any advice on printing artwork onto t-shirts and other clothing ???
  17. Anyone know of any London or Manchester based studios or publishing houses that would take on interns?
  18. Any top tips on amazing International Women’s Day events I should head to in March?
  19. Any film score composers interested in collaborating on a short film?
  20. Anyone interested in helping out at graduate fashion show in June. Roles like dressers,runners, modelling, makeup artist,set designers,music
  21. Anyone looking for a script writer? I've got a lot of spare time so if anyone need a co-writer or a script let me know.
  22. Anyone know of any good green outdoor locations to shoot in London? (Without a permit?) Shoot on 4th March if you’d like to get involved!
  23. Amsterdam internships?
  24. anyone know of a good small business lawyer I could reach out to for some advice?