1. A menswear designer for a music video and photoshoot this week! Specifically suiting / coords
  2. Anyone is interested in a live work space/factory conversion 750£ per bedroom Living room will be a photography studio dm me for info
  3. Any photographers interested in collaborating or looking for a stylist for an upcoming shoot? Looking to to expand my styling portfolio.
  4. Any photographers in London want to collaborate on a fashion editorial? Looking to collaborate with new people :)
  5. Any interior photographers out there that want to collaborate? Need some shot for the fine art print platform I run -
  6. Any agencies or production companies need a comedy director in the coming weeks? I'm an award winning writer and director who is free
  7. Anyone know a good networking event for marketers in London?
  8. Anyone looking for a journalist intern for a magazine or news organisation?
  9. Anyone have a recommendation for a freelance mid/senior product manager and/or a UI/UX designer both for a B2B SaaS startup?
  10. Anyone know of any literacy agents or publishers looking to work with WOC in particular?
  11. Any audio post production or video editing work needed? If you or anyone you know needs help with editing or audio, I'm looking for work!
  12. Anyone can help me solidify a studio location or space to host a females only DJ Workshop, I am very passionate about
  13. Anyone know any good screenplay contests? Or any scheme that funds short films?
  14. Any creative minds ok to do a free extended trial of a mental health, personal development, meditation and health website :) anyone free?
  15. Anyone know a TFL (Transport for London) worker who will be happy to be on a podcast?
  16. Are you celebrating IWD properly? Would you like to do it with us and our International Women's Day Quiz in London, Waterloo - 6:30pm.
  17. anyone into VR *virtuale reality) at all please could you contact me so i can provide more info x
  18. Any budding writers out there?? Looking for seo rich blog content! Topics: art prints, interior design/styling & art for
  19. Any motion designers who are looking to collaborate on future projects, get in touch!
  20. Are there any motion designers interested in collaborating on future projects?
  21. Any fashion related jobs? Seamstress?
  22. Any tips or course recommendations for a designer/strategist that want to upskill in creative writing?
  23. Any upcoming bands/music artists who would like to collaborate with dancers/choreographers.
  24. Any creatives want to collaborate for a fashion editorial for Miuse Magazine on 11th March? Particularly on set design! Moodboard linked.