1. At this time I am investing more in my blog. Can you pass by and have a look? Leave me your comments.
  2. Any 3D Animators available? (For Video)
  3. Anyone know of any broadcasting/producer roles currently available in London?
  4. Are you a freelancing creative? What tips/information would you find useful at this time?
  5. Anyone needs a product photographer?
  6. Any tips on getting press? We're hosting a virtual exhibition to financially support artists during this outbreak
  7. Any photographers looking to have their fashion and/or beauty shoots published in a print magazine? Email me at:
  8. Any company or published looking for Covid19-related stories (Italy or abroad)?
  9. Any film producers or directors have time to read over my film proposal while self-isolating :)
  10. Are you feeling anxious, confused, sad or stressed? I've created a series of interactive zines to help you engage with your emotions. 4Free!
  11. AGE UK is doing a weekly care package for vulnerable old people who are home alone, are you able to donate any food or products?
  12. Are you a freelancer whose work has been hit hard by COVID? I'm launching a tuition-free online programme for University of the Underground
  13. Anyone available with great attention to detail, copywriting, and an interest in research and leadership for content creation?
  14. Are there any fashion/beauty photographers interested in joining a webinar focused on editing and working with models? Details below:
  15. Any suggestions how to get new clients (companies)? Where to search? Looking for new ideas
  16. Anyone looking for a freelance senior copywriter? I would love to collaborate! My site is Thank you X
  17. Any London or South East based artists/designers looking for a temporary studio assistant or something similar?
  18. Are you working on projects or initiatives responding to the COVID-19 crisis and do you need any creative support? Please get in touch!
  19. Any Webflow developer out there interested in a rebuild-a-site-from-wordpress project? :)
  20. Any fashion industry professionals looking to give me advice on improving my fashion blog? please drop me a line if interested.
  21. Available for Remote Graphic or Web Design work
  22. Any know of good online resources on how to write a play?
  23. Anyone looking for a motion designer/creative director? If yes, I start to be free from tomorrow!
  24. Anyone know of any career coaches? Looking to change careers and need all the help I can get!