1. My opinion: Digital Marketers are destructive & have ruined our experience online. I think there are better ways to market. Let’s talk…
  2. Any content writers free to work on a ‘so what are we actually wearing to work now?’ story for a national menswear brand?
  3. Learning English Language: Online Tutorials vs. Real-Time Classrooms
  4. Is anyone interested in collaborating with me on a short film as a producer ?
  5. Follow me on Instagram for project updates.
  6. 5G Internet of Things Market Research Report
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  8. Can anyone help with hiring a Motion + Graphic designer
  9. If anyone is looking for a producer, email me at as I’m looking to start freelancing full time
  10. Anyone looking for a freelance comms manager? 6+ years experience across global consumer brands!
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  16. I need a STREET SCOUT for youth hair shoot in east London for well known hair artist client. No change to hair needed. Get in touch ASAP
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  18. Where can i get the VPN billing panel?
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  21. Peda Kumarte Vivaham part 3 - పేద కుమార్తె వివాహం | Telugu Stories | Stories in Telugu | Kathalu
  22. Looking to connect with Mid-weight Product Developers with experience in Sportswear design!
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