1. Are you working on a special historic music related choir friendly studio recording project by Young Artists Collective?
  2. Anyone an artist that would like to draw up story covers and/or scenes?
  3. Any tips on the best entry-level video cameras and best video editing software?
  4. Are you a final year creative student who feels pretty uncertain about your last weeks of study and final submissions?
  5. Anyone know publishers in NYC that are hiring amid all these pandemic-related layoffs?
  6. Anyone looking for a copywriter or content writer/editor with experience in fashion, beauty, luxury, craftsmanship, storytelling, editorial?
  7. Anyone looking for handmade accessories, look my Instagram profile There are posted my newest creations
  8. Anyone who wish to visit and spend safely in remote part of India?
  9. Any film composers who want to collaborate on a score for a short film? The project is at the post production stage, genre is film noire.
  10. Any brands, agencies or freelancers asking themselves wtf do we do during Covid-19? Get some answers at the talk by MILK on 28th April.
  11. Available for remote freelance media work - let me help enhance your brand!
  12. Any tips for how to work for small agencies as an amateur model or collaborate with photographers?
  13. Any tips for how to work for small agencies as an amateur model or collaborate with photographers?
  14. Anyone small business looking to collaborate with.
  15. Are there any online course tutors that wouldn't mind me interviewing them for a blog post I am writing about passive income for designers?
  16. Any good suggestions for online strategic design courses?
  17. Any London Photographers looking to collab with a model for your portfolios after covid-19?
  18. Anyone have experience of creating content / growing and overseeing a tiktok account - small start out brand on a budget, Thankyou
  19. Asking for a friend. Are there any Account Manager / Customer Success roles going? Freelance or perm. Immediate start.
  20. Anyone looking for voice over artist or actor currently? I am getting back into it and want to enhance my portfolio! :)
  21. Any London photographers looking to collab with a upcoming model for your portfolios after the lockdown??
  22. Anyone know of any youth led brands (ex. Depop, KYRA, Nike) who are still actively sponsoring activations/branded content during this time?
  23. Anyone have time to look over my work and give me some feedback?
  24. Are products like Skype / Zoom substituting the office effectively for you and your company?