1. Any fashion bloggers looking for contributors to help add content to their blog?
  2. Anyone know of any websites that sell photographer's prints whilst respecting their work and paying fairly?
  3. Anyone need a photo editor/researcher/producer at the moment? I am available. I normally work in travel books. Sadly, projects are freeze.
  4. Art directors/producers/creative directors, how do you generally discover new photographers?
  5. Available for Freelance -
  6. Anyone within the 3D animation or Gaming industry looking to collab on a project for portfolio use? Hit me up.
  7. Are there any creatives here who are fans (or maybe just interested in) Kpop?
  8. Anyone out there looking for a good graphic designer? If yes, here I am! Open to discuss about possible collaborations and concepts.
  9. Anyone know of any Internships in London?
  10. Any festivals looking for a remote freelance copywriter/music journalist to work on PR campaigns this summer/autumn?
  11. Anybody here applying for public funding?
  12. Any web developer here is a pro at creating sites with CargoCollective? Need to update my site & require help -paid (Cargo collective only)
  13. Any of your family or friends work in the NHS? Here are some initiatives that have been set up to support them. Heard of more? Please add.
  14. Any photographers looking to get their unpublished work in a print magazine? (Luxury Fashion & Accessories, Beauty, Fashion)
  15. Anyone need any audio work done remotely? Sound Design, Mixing, Editing all available, even remote recording.
  16. Are you looking to improve your writing skills during quarantine? Check out my latest blog post on this:
  17. Anyone know where to go for good Plug Ins to use in Ableton?
  18. Anyone looking to kick off a side hustle and no idea about creating an MVP? I can help – is my SH
  19. Anyone looking for a Graphic Designer? Happy to help out anyone that needs help
  20. Anyone know a good online course for learning brand strategy? Looking to learn from a graphic design background!
  21. Any LCC, UAL grads here? What was the best course/ subject you were taught?
  22. Are you free to work on Young Artists Collective's historic music-related choir friendly studio album as an A&R manager/director/executive?
  23. Are you going to run and oversee Young Artists Collective's forthcoming historic studio album recording as the music consultant?
  24. Anyone wanna try win an animation film award with me?