1. Any tips for making creative friends as a young creative in the london community? (after covid-19)
  2. An intern needed with good writing skills and deep knowledge about the fashion industry
  3. Are you looking for an experienced Social Media & Influencer Marketing manager? Please get in touch!
  4. Any advice on getting runner jobs without any experience?
  5. Anyone here on Directory of Illustration? What has been your experience with them, have you had new projects or clients through them?
  6. Anyone interested in an written interview for my blog? Topics: social media marketing, entrepreneurship, self-development, art, etc.
  7. Any series scriptwriters on here or with knowledge of who would be open to sharing information or tips on things such as structure? :)
  8. Anyone interested in contributing to a new zine about communities, growing groups and womxn & non-binary football, HMU!
  9. Any small brand are looking for a good channels for them to sell their products? Chinese market will help you!!!
  10. Anyone looking to commission portraits for personal or commercial use? All inquiries welcome!
  11. Anyone seeing interesting posts, creative stories? please comment below! James Hole is doing a great project...
  12. Any creatives out there want to build a team together?
  13. Anybody please from eCommerce to have a look on my website How can I convert my current traffic into sales?
  14. Are you a jewelry designer? Please get In touch with me at
  15. Are you a budding writer looking to exercise your creativity whilst self-isolating?
  16. Are you looking for a social media intern or a freelance writer?
  17. Am looking for a company where I can upload images to sell and the company will execute the printing, framing and shipping? any advice?
  18. Any portfolio consultant for graphic designer out there? I"d love to connect!
  19. Any finance people kicking around on here? Looking for someone who can draw up financial projections for a business plan.
  20. Any freelance graphic designers looking for work?
  21. Anyone looking for an amateur food photographer to collaborate? I need some challenge to boost my creativity for my portfolio :)
  22. Any suggestions about websites that would like to share expertise in Art Direction\UI UX design?
  23. Advice on entry levels roles for a career in film and/or fashion? I'm pivoting from working as an event organiser into the creative sector.
  24. All my freelance projects have been cancelled or postponed so I've managed to finish my web. Feedback is welcome! Thx