1. Anyone looking for a freelance creative director? Get in touch at contact.bloomsburydesigns@gmail.comX
  2. Anyone looking for a freelance junior graphic designer? I am a student and looking for more work in my free time!
  3. Anyone know of any awesome 3D motion designers working in c4D/octane available from today for a month?
  4. Any apprentices, graduate employees, college students or entrepreneurs interested to be a part of a production?
  5. Anyone know a LGBT+ friendly account manager at Moo Cards or alternative? Im having a awkward time setting up a business/reseller account
  6. Anyone looking for a junior photographer or junior art director to assist you? I will graduate soon and I am looking for my first job
  7. Any c4D octane gurus available from Monday?
  8. Anyone know of any music / radio related jobs production assistant radio Production etc.
  9. Are you still looking?
  10. Are you interested in storytelling? Perhaps an aspiring writer looking for a quick creative outlet?
  11. Anyone who runs Playlist's on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal etc. for Rock, Electro, Pop or do you know someone?
  12. Any photographer who would volunteer with a photoshoot for a social enterprise? Great opportunity to build your portfolio!
  13. As an entry-level creative, what are some of the things you’d like to know more about as you start out on your journey post graduating?
  14. Anyone know a space that I could hold a females lnly dj workshop ?
  15. Any Scotland-based photographers for a true-crime BBC radio series?
  16. Anyone knows good graphic designer and motion designer who had experiences working with B2B companies based in Berlin?
  17. Any female mum copywriters out there looking to team up with a fellow creative mum with experience to hit the ad agencies?
  18. Any Photographers based in London able to give me work shadowing/experience opportunities?
  19. Anyone able to connect me with someone at Instagram? Developing a system for them & I have some questions before I go deep in design mode :)
  20. A thank you is simultaneously such a small thing and a big deal. Who are you going to thank today?
  21. Anyone looking for a content writer I’m looking for more part time work
  22. Are you interested in fashion - particularly streetwear and sportstyle?
  23. Anyone looking for a freelance writer? I am currently in London and would love to pick up some work while I am here.
  24. Anyone know of any good hot desking spaces in central london with workspace, WiFi and meeting rooms?