1. Anyone who knows how to create blog post images?? Graphic Designers??
  2. Are you 16-25 and interested in free online music production classes?
  3. Any good companies to approach in TV production?
  4. Are there any motion graphics designers interested in a long term collaboration?
  5. Animated Loops with James Curran - Course review -
  6. Any advice on my new online magazine supporting women in the industry would be great! I’m also looking for people to add to the team☺️
  7. Any London based Graphic Designers looking for a F/T role - predominantly focused on digital content creation? £20-25k / 4 day week :)
  8. Any advice on starting a youtube art page? My main focus would be speed drawings, sketching, art challenges, and vlogging.
  9. Anyone in the retail industry need an e-commerce assistant? I’ve got lots of potential!
  10. Are there any writers, poets, or musicians interested in submitting to Unlatched Podcast?
  11. Anyone that would be interested in designing the front and back cover of my magazine @anysegment, get in touch!
  12. Any companies looking for industrial placement students? #marketing #film #tv
  13. Anyone know any jobs or internships for Surface print / textiles design?
  14. Any ideas for challenges to do on a YouTube channel or any upcoming YouTubers looking to collaborate?x
  15. Any models interested in creating a zoom photoshoot over the lockdown ? :)
  16. Anyone know of any photo studios open ? (with social distancing rules applied ofcourse)
  17. A multidisciplinary designer/developer looking for creative collabs/freelance @
  18. Are plastic food containers microwave safe?
  19. Any recommendations for ethical advertising agencies? I'm researching into eco-friendly, social change and charity advertising.
  20. Any creatives that would like to support my insta page @junctn.mag - trying to build an organic following community!
  21. Anyone looking for a senior branding designer? I'm taking a limited number of projects & would love to be of service.
  22. Anyone else having problems with having to choose between too many webinars, virtual meetings and talks ?Alas, they all seem worthwhile !
  23. Any motion graphics designers interested in designing the quirky end credits for a short film? Unpaid role but if that's OK pls get in touch
  24. A CIMA qualified Accountant, looking for a new opportunity due to current company ceases trading on 30 June 2020.