1. Anyone know of any black owned creative agencies?
  2. Are there any London based photographers willing to allow me to shadow/assist?? (Post - pandemic)
  3. Are you thinking of starting a brand? Join a free webinar with vaabs, exploring how start-ups get off the ground with brilliant branding
  4. Are you a creative who has a voice that needs to be heard? Join the HMO Collective - it's shared "home" for creatives.
  5. Are you a senior editor based in the east midlands or London and are looking for a new challenge? Sweet Cherry Publishing are hiring...
  6. A client needs logo signage and hence I have been wondering if graphic designers should have a post production knowledge as well?
  7. anyone know an illustration rep or agency that I can work with?
  8. Any advice for getting back into the design industry, finding freelance or remote work after having a career break to raise a family?
  9. Alongside KINO & others, tonight I’ll be taking a knee for 9 minutes outside my home for George Floyd & all the black lives lost. Join us?
  10. Anyone up to create a 3D animation together?
  11. Any good podcast recommendations for writers?
  12. Are there any companies/jobs hiring internationals? I specialize in Graphic Design and Digital Art.
  13. Any graphic designers out there who can help me with my branding?
  14. Are you a senior editor looking for a new challenge? Sweet Cherry Publishing are hiring...
  15. Anyone know of any places which would be hiring a junior designer in Hampshire or Surrey area? I am also a free lance designer :)
  16. Anybody ever used Picfair? Is it user friendly ? Can you really sell photos on this platform? Would like to get some reviews please !
  17. Anyone who's completely tired of design industry? How can we escape from it? Is there anybody who moved to another sector successfully?
  18. Any musicians or podcasters looking for a studio to record and have they’re work edited & mixed please feel free to contact me!
  19. Any poets or writers want to do a writer's circle over zoom or something?
  20. Anyone needing freelance design/creative consulting?, let's connect! And to my BAME creatives!
  21. Any filmmakers/media producers in need of music? Looking to collaborate! Get in touch :)
  22. Any London based artists looking to make a music video? I wanna do 2 or 3 pro-bono this month.
  23. Any tips on how to get jobs for a graduating graphic design students like me? I've applied for some but so far I've been unsuccesfull.
  24. Anyone looking for a photographer, photo editor and creative/art director?