1. Any social media videographers out there?
  2. Any coders with UI/UX skills to help with e-commerce site on squarespace/shopify?
  3. Are there any Narrators or Voice Over Artists that could offer any advice on how to get into the industry? I have a show reel.
  4. As someone frustrated and unsettled in the corporate working world, what advice can be given to someone needing a creative career shift?
  5. Any Wagtail savvy developers out there??
  6. Anyone know of Office Management or similar vacancies ? Pretty please :)
  7. Animators, graphic designers, and copywriters sought for a project to help small businesses and charities recover from Covid-19
  8. Anyone looking to do collaborations?
  9. are there any photographers willing to mentor me?
  10. Any stylists interested in testing with new faces?
  11. Any tips or advice on how to start freelancing? How do you land that first client?
  12. Anyone interested in a talk about creative process & innovation? Details here:
  13. Are you looking for someone that can start immediately? Look no further! :)
  14. Agencies and creative directors! What do you like to see on an aspiring junior designers CV?
  15. Any professional writer's and/or directors with advice for breaking through on the UK circuit?
  16. Any creatives interested in collaboration?
  17. Anyone can tell me opinions ad tips!
  18. Anyone know an elite app to edit on their phone
  19. Anyone that can give excellent feedback on a portfolio?
  20. Anyone got a few years marketing experience that would be able to help me with my new freelance marketing business?
  21. Any graphic designers that could copy my logo I already have into photoshop so it's better quality?
  22. Always looking for new creative producers and art directors to work with. if you match my aesthetic please get in touch.
  23. Anyone want to be a part of a community dedicated to project ideas for my brand idle?
  24. Are you looking to submit your work to be published? are open for submissions!