1. Any shoe and or accessory designers/brands have pieces willing to lend for editorial shoots?
  2. Any London based musicians / bands / DJ's out there looking for a music video? Slide yourself into my DM's- It would be great to collaborate
  3. Are you searching for a better discount store? Then switch to Giant Tiger that has conducted one Giant Tiger Customer Experience Survey know
  4. Any musician to do a Music Video? Please contact me.
  5. Are you a photographer with a cool vision looking to gain exposure with high-street brands (Cos, Jigsaw, Reiss, All Saints etc)?
  6. Are you a photographer with a cool vision looking to gain exposure with the high-street brands (Cos, Jigsaw, All Saints, LK Bennet etc)?
  7. Any illustrators available to do an illustration to accompany a piece on living with an invisible disability? Let me know!
  8. Any fellow furloughed workers? How are you utilising time and keeping productive? Looking for inspiration!
  9. Anybody in need of a London based MUA paid work?
  10. Anyone know of any companies open to offering a highly organized and hard-working individual looking to shift into a new industry direction?
  11. Anyone looking for a music composer for their media? Looking to expand my portfolio. My portfolio so far is on my website
  12. Anyone up for looking at my portfolio on my website?
  13. Any fashion designers will to lend clothes for a shoot, London based!
  14. Any pre-professional or professional dancers (Ballet/Contemporary) in London who'd be interested in collaborating on a photography project?
  15. Anyone looking for a freelance (or FT) very experienced Digital Editor/Content Editor?
  16. Any West Yorkshire based models looking to collaborate on a photoshoot exploring the beauty of natural Afro hair?
  17. Any photography studio recommendations at a low budget?
  18. Anyone have contacts for doing Mural Art projects?
  19. Are there any freelance presentation designers in my network? Please get in touch!
  20. Any Menswear designers who are willing to lend clothes for a shoot, has to be London based.
  21. Any artists here with roots from Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia...?
  22. Any Freelance Photography jobs available?
  23. Afternoon, I am looking for cool locations for a photoshoot. Will be in a magazine. Would like to shoot in North London.
  24. Any advice on going freelance full-time as a photographer?