1. Anyone looking for a content creator/social media wizz to help them with creating content for their brand/company?
  2. Anyone know a sound designer/mixer and foley mix/editor who would like to be part of a short film I’m entering into festivals.
  3. Anyone know a copywriter with Sporting background?
  4. Anyone looking for a motion designer to work remotely or if you're based in London?
  5. Anyone based near Penzance, Cornwall wishing to collaborate - Stylists, Designers, HMUA & Models required! Here until Saturday!
  6. Anyone know of entry level roles opening as a 'creative assistant' - London based
  7. Anyone opening to mobile filmmaking? I'm looking to do more projects to build my portfolio! Music Videos, Look books, Showreels etc?
  8. Anyone looking for a stylist or stylist assistant for a project?
  9. ACTORS NEEDED. Looking for 2 Male and 2 Female actors, for a short film project. Aged between 18-21. Dates listed below.
  10. Available Fashion Stylist with large network of Fashion and Model Agencies contacts.
  11. Anyone know a great illustrator/graphic designer for a Sitcom?
  12. Any tips and advice on a career change from social housing into an interior home stylist
  13. Anyone know where i can find great garphic design abroad internship with visa sponsorship?
  14. Any idea on how to get payed for the pictures you took of the streetstyle of a fashion week (milan) ? Would be anyone interested?
  15. Any advice on how to get an entry level job in fashion as a stylist or even assistant, without degree or experience?
  16. Anyone know a good database to find journalists that's not Gorkana (or as expensive as Gorkana)?!
  17. Anyone at USBYNIGHT this week? Holler!
  18. Any good good videographer /directors to work with for a music video around Manchester ?
  19. Anyone know any great London based unit stills photographers? Please share x
  20. Anyone in Berlin looking to hire architects / interior designers? I am looking for work (paid) starting Feb 2020. Please pass info, thx!
  21. Anyone need some graphic design work done?
  22. Any photographers in London still shooting film?
  23. Any graphic designers who want to get into editorial design want to work on a magazine project together?
  24. Artists! (Apart form The Dots) Where would you go to find residency/open call opportunities?