1. Anyone know a great illustrator/graphic designer for a Sitcom?
  2. Any tips and advice on a career change from social housing into an interior home stylist
  3. Any idea on how to get payed for the pictures you took of the streetstyle of a fashion week (milan) ? Would be anyone interested?
  4. Any advice on how to get an entry level job in fashion as a stylist or even assistant, without degree or experience?
  5. Anyone know a good database to find journalists that's not Gorkana (or as expensive as Gorkana)?!
  6. Anyone at USBYNIGHT this week? Holler!
  7. Any good good videographer /directors to work with for a music video around Manchester ?
  8. Anyone know any great London based unit stills photographers? Please share x
  9. Anyone in Berlin looking to hire architects / interior designers? I am looking for work (paid) starting Feb 2020. Please pass info, thx!
  10. Anyone need some graphic design work done?
  11. Any photographers in London still shooting film?
  12. Any graphic designers who want to get into editorial design want to work on a magazine project together?
  13. Artists! (Apart form The Dots) Where would you go to find residency/open call opportunities?
  14. Anyone looking for a music video in the Midlands/London drop me an email
  15. Any brand owner or creative willing to have a free ad space on a magazines maiden edition themed on mental health. Please contact me.
  16. Anyone know of any curators willing to offer advice/mentoring? (Particularly photography based)
  17. Anyone want to collaborate on a photo shoot?
  18. Attention creatives! Looking to get work experience on set of fashion digital or mag photoshoots, music video or film sets. Contact me.
  19. Any graphic designers out there that are up for some collaboration on a video project?
  20. Any motion graphic designers out there available to work on a lyric video for a music artist?(paid of course)
  21. Any available graphic design job openings in United Kingdom??
  22. Anyone looking for a studio or production assistant?
  23. Any advice for getting new clients/work as a freelance designer ?
  24. Are you a senior/mid freelancer in illustration, motion or animation looking for work? Apply to The Dots' pitching event. Click for info!