1. Any motion graphic designers out there available to work on a lyric video for a music artist?(paid of course)
  2. Any available graphic design job openings in United Kingdom??
  3. Anyone looking for a studio or production assistant?
  4. Any advice for getting new clients/work as a freelance designer ?
  5. Are you a senior/mid freelancer in illustration, motion or animation looking for work? Apply to The Dots' pitching event. Click for info!
  6. Anyone knows of any paid fashion styling/creative director jobs going in London?
  7. Anyone know of a studio space. Gotta start expanding. Gotta start creating more. Need my own space!
  8. Any Young/ emerging businesses looking for a sponsored workspace in London?
  9. Anyone studied fashion marketing at UAL?
  10. Anyone know of paid internships in London?
  11. Any fashion stylist looking for a freelance assistant? Feel free to contact me x
  12. Any tips on going Freelance as an industrial/product designer?
  13. Are you a good designer? We're running a competition to design a T-shirt for our new startup i2i - a social app -launching across London now
  14. Any Chinese speaking Event Producers available to discuss a new project? Please contact me
  15. Anyone have any connections in the A&R industry?
  16. Anyone know a good space in London to rent for a photography studio setup?
  17. Any London based Photographers willing to collaborate on Fashion Editorials?
  18. Any Brighton based video / film producers out there available to help organise a music video shoot shooting next week?
  19. Anyone looking to do collaboration work ? I'm trying to build on my connections - please feel free to contact me! :)
  20. Any London based photographers looking for an assistant?
  21. Anyone looking for a creative design / graphic design intern?
  22. Anyone need a Freelance Creative? (Majoring in Graphic and Spatial Design. Qualified Industrial Designer). Will come with baked goods!
  23. Anyone looking for a Graphic Textile designer .
  24. Anyone looking a for a graphic designer to join the team?