1. Any tips on going Freelance as an industrial/product designer?
  2. Are you a good designer? We're running a competition to design a T-shirt for our new startup i2i - a social app -launching across London now
  3. Any Chinese speaking Event Producers available to discuss a new project? Please contact me
  4. Anyone have any connections in the A&R industry?
  5. Anyone know a good space in London to rent for a photography studio setup?
  6. Any London based Photographers willing to collaborate on Fashion Editorials?
  7. Any Brighton based video / film producers out there available to help organise a music video shoot shooting next week?
  8. Anyone looking to do collaboration work ? I'm trying to build on my connections - please feel free to contact me! :)
  9. Any London based photographers looking for an assistant?
  10. Anyone looking for a Junior Graphic Designer? ✨
  11. Anyone looking for a creative design / graphic design intern?
  12. Anyone need a Freelance Creative? (Majoring in Graphic and Spatial Design. Qualified Industrial Designer). Will come with baked goods!
  13. Anyone looking for a Graphic Textile designer .
  14. Anyone looking a for a graphic designer to join the team?
  15. Actively on the look out for any Junior Graphic Design positions or Internships. Do you know of any in London?
  16. Anyone looking for a Mid-Level Photographer/Videomaker/Assistant position?
  17. Anyone looking for a Mid-Level Photographer/Videomaker? Looking for a part-Time job in the creative industry. On request I can send CV/portf
  18. Anyone looking for a voice over artist?
  19. Any stylist assistants and HMU assistants looking to make the step up, who are interested in working on music videos?
  20. Any start-ups looking for sponsored office space worth of £7k in our stunning open workspace in Spitalfields.
  21. Any graduate opportunities or job schemes I can apply to?
  22. Are you a queer writer/editor? Please get in touch! Looking for collaborators for editorial project.
  23. Are you a BAME person / POC looking for ways to progress to a leadership role?
  24. Are there any writers here interested in film analysis? Looking for more staff writers for website So The Theory Goes.