1. Can anyone suggest BAME creators looking to hire freelancer videographers? We'd love to get them along to our speed recruitment event :)
  2. Can anyone recommend any great Photoshop tutorials (on YouTube etc) ? I'm looking to upskill, would love some suggestions!
  3. Can I change my URL name? If so, how? Thank you in advance.
  4. Can anyone recommend any good creative events and talks happening in London in June?
  5. can you lovely people have a look at my site and let me know what you think.I have work in many industries and not sure where i fit in..
  6. CALLING ALL WOMEN IN ART! artists/Writers/fashion designers/stylists/creatives/ ANYONE please inbox me for collaboration !!
  7. Can anyone recommend any networking events for small to mid-sized businesses that are not aimed at the creative industry?
  8. Could the creative sector benefit from re-training and employing skilled 25-60 yr olds from outside the sector who wish to change career?
  9. Culture is the thing on everyone's lips. If you're not working for the company, what do you think is the best way to share and show culture?
  10. Currently trying to connect with different fashion stylist within London, where would you recommend I look?
  11. Can anyone please suggest some studios/companies that need a Graduate/Junior Product or Furniture Designer?
  12. Creatives: what are the biggest challenges you have when it comes to networking on and offline?
  13. Could you recommend your most inspiring lifestyle magazines and books on Art Direction?
  14. Creatives: What are the biggest challenges are you currently facing and what are you doing to over come them?
  15. Calling all North based Digital & Video Content Designers looking for work in Leeds City Centre.
  16. Currently working for a luxury lifestyle management company & we're looking for a freelance Squarespace website creator
  17. Can you teach art or anything craftsy? We're looking for our founding artists to Join Ozli - AirBnB for Artists & Creatives
  19. Can you view your cover letter in a sent Job Application?
  20. Can you name some great design studios (London) with a focus on print matters (editorial, posters, books, illustrations, visual identity)?
  21. Currently seeking for career guidance. Does anyone know a good Career consultant within the creative industry?
  22. Can anyone recommend any books, magazines or websites to learn design theory and anything an Art/Creative Director would need to know?
  23. Currently volunteering in a museum as an archivist and looking for museum internships as well as creating commission pieces?
  24. Considering offering my home studio for podcasters. Fee would include audio editing and mixing after the podcast. Would be reasonably priced