1. Could anyone with e-comm experience help me with some advice re, approaching suppliers? would love a convo and ask a couple questions!
  2. Can anybody recommend a good (and recent) book that would make a good read for a service designer? Looking for a
  3. Can Art save lives the same way a qualified Doctor can , and the way medicine should to a dying human being ?.
  4. Calling all eco-conscious creatives...
  5. Calling all Creatives and Social Media Interns!
  6. Can anyone suggest a good 35mm film scanning software?
  7. Calling all creatives!!!!! I would like to start a project! Read on if you want to know what it’s about.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good 35mm film scanner (preferably with borders)? I think more of budget-friendly version :)
  9. Cheap place to scan 16mm negs ? No dev , just scan.
  10. Creatives Wanted - To judge the Campaign BIG Awards. I've been asked for any recommendations.
  11. Currently looking for a new Project Managment oppurtunity due to COVID-19. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Creative assistant in Glasgow, UK looking to build up creative portfolio in Film & Video production...
  13. Coaches, Speakers or anyone interested in upgrading their personal branding should hit me up. Thanks :)
  14. Can anyone help me with suppliers to digitally print my designs onto fabric- I cant seem to find anywhere were I can do this affordably.
  15. Can anybody recommend an affordable A3 printer that can handle paper from at least 180gsm thickness? The main use is for art prints :-)
  16. Ciao! I've just been updating my website, any feedback would be much appreciated!
  17. Check out Elaphus on The Dots! would love some thoughts/feedback!
  18. Could anyone please help me archive the old WordPress site of a charity/community group I volunteer for?
  19. Can someone help me add some glyphs to a font?
  20. Check out my website
  21. Currently think i'm in a quarter life crisis, have no job & don't know what area to look for my next role in, advice needed please!!
  22. Currently looking for some freelance video editing work. Feel free to get in touch:
  23. Currently looking for Mandarin speaking creatives - any suggestions?