1. Currently looking for new opportunities in the music and events world. Would love to talk to anyone that has fresh exciting projects!
  2. Cinematographer/Videographer available here. Hit me up:)
  3. Calling B2B Media planners Specifically looking to connect to people with experience in campaign building in LinkedIn.
  4. Can you become a professional Podcast Audio Producer with experience creating and running your own podcast? What experience is required?
  5. Can you create a beautiful newsletter?
  6. Can anyone recommend any Leadership coaches who specialise with clients working in the media/creative space?
  7. Can you help me with my collaborative poetry project?
  8. currently updating our directory of creatives.
  9. Check out my visual resume
  10. Could I get some advice on creating a portfolio.
  11. Calling all sketchers - what are the best materials you use for your sketches/line drawings? Fineliners/markers of all kinds welcome.
  12. Currently looking for 9 participants for an online focus group. Topic: Why has Astrology become a social trend?
  13. Connection here!
  14. Can you Give more information into genre and little back story
  15. Created illustrations for a beautiful E-book for children that attempt to inculcate the values of inclusion. Inviting feedback.
  16. Creative leaders, where do you stand on bringing teams back to the studio post lockdown? Would love to hear, for a study we’re doing at Flux
  18. Creatives wanted for 30 minutes interviews on team work!
  19. Currently looking for marketing projects. I have experience in social media marketing, content creation, and social media coordinating.
  20. Currently looking for a job as a ‘Content Producer’ can be freelance, part time, full time or internship. Portfolio on my profile :)
  21. CALLING ALL CREATIVES!! I would like to start a project so please read on if interested!!
  22. Can anyone advise me companies that have Research / Archive Research intern/entry-level positions? Cheers
  23. Can anybody give advice on how best to get into the film industry as a video editor?
  24. Calling musicians keen to collaborate and make demo songs for our launch, using writings from our contributors with mental health struggles