1. CALLING ALL CREATIVES!! I would like to start a project so please read on if interested!!
  2. Can anyone advise me companies that have Research / Archive Research intern/entry-level positions? Cheers
  3. Can anybody give advice on how best to get into the film industry as a video editor?
  4. Calling musicians keen to collaborate and make demo songs for our launch, using writings from our contributors with mental health struggles
  5. Creative Copywriter with bundles of time and enthusiasm ready to work remotely or in office. Do you know any companies hiring at the moment?
  6. Career advice needed!!! Junior content writer/digital marketer with experience!
  7. Could anyone recommend a good book for an illustrator just starting out please?
  8. Currently in Barcelona. Lets meet up and discuss what we love and lets create something.
  9. Caribbean Pop-Up Cinema is part of the visual project collab WAVES (community video, zine & film screening). Looking for vids, art + writing
  10. Check out my work on my Design Instagram @mcceds_accessories
  11. Creative consultant looking for brands who are interested in developing hybrid collaboration projects & highly visual moving/image projects
  12. Career coaching?
  13. Community - have you ever seen a really great website subscription model? i.e. as a way to not use advertisers
  14. CV advice please! Is it best to convey my creativity/personality through design or keep it plain?
  15. Can you recommend an experienced WordPress developer?
  16. Calling all Authors and Content Creators!
  17. Can anyone recommend a UK/European-based digital printers with capacity to work with bioinks on biomaterials.
  18. Creatives to create with. International remotely film in the making. I need writers and actors to collaborate with. INTERNATIONAL CALL.
  19. Can anyone help with tips/opinions/advice about how to start out selling printed illustration pieces?
  20. Can anyone tell me how to participate in the event after booking the ticket where there's no external link like Zoom or email instructions?
  21. Currently compiling a database of POC photography and lighting assistants. Please include examples of work and level of experience. Thanks!
  22. Connect with me over on Instagram !
  23. COLLAB| Support needed for young black disabled creative organising a project for disabled people of colour
  24. Can you join Studio Emmi lunchtime Creative Ecosystem conversation with Elsa Salonen? Tomorrow, Thursday 30th 1pm