1. Clueless: How to attend The Dots' online events?
  2. Creative Artworker based in Cambridge who has been made redundant. Does anyone know of any suitable positions? Thank you.
  3. Can you join my sister Elsa and I at 1pm today, talking about Creative Ecosystem, art, animism and sisterhood?
  4. Currently looking for a Junior Graphic Designer role in London, if anyone knows of anything please drop me a DM.
  5. CALL FOR ILLUSTRATORS! Kick start your professional development with our brand new group coaching programme.
  6. Can you please fill out this 30 second mental health awareness survey?
  7. Can anyone recommend any good places to find packaging briefs? Thanks! :-)
  8. Concept Artist specialising in Character Design and Illustration - Looking for work!
  9. Crafty and photography job.
  10. Can anyone help me? I am looking for assistant producer roles in investigative journalism and/or factual entertainment.
  11. Check out my Etsy Selling: Clothes Paintings Personalised sketches Prints
  12. Call for entries to the Big Syn International Film Festival!
  13. Check out my writing portfolio & instagram
  14. Currently writing an article about christmas rap songs and would like a picture of snoop dog i have illustrated over!
  15. Could someone please advise me on how to create a digital portfolio? Like what is the best platform to use to create one and any tips?
  16. Content writers, please connect with me!
  17. Currently studying a Master in Barcelona I want to collaborate in Digital projects in order to improve my knowledge sharing real experiences
  18. Can anyone recommend where's best to get high quality business cards and leaflets printed for some of my clients?
  19. Copywriter here looking for an art director to team up with in London. Anyone up for doing some proactive work?
  20. Can you tune in to a lunchtime Creative Ecosystem conversation and live show with Jamie/Kibir La Amlak? Tomorrow, Thursday 30th 1pm
  21. Can anyone recommend an online printing service? I’m looking to print coloured designs in an A3 format.
  22. Creative? Run a business? Have you considered hiring a coach?
  23. Collaboration: Creator of @strawberryzine looking for Designers/graphic design to help with production, experience would be useful.
  24. Could someone review one of my documents and provide their feedback on it? Links are provided in the "Additional Details" section.