1. Collaboration for exciting circular fashion initiative
  2. Check out my new blog post on my website!
  3. Can anyone recommend a printer for a short run of approx. 200 art books? I'm based in the UK.
  4. Copywriter Wanted
  5. Can anyone recommend a great (mid-level) freelance Graphic Designer (preferably with SaaS experience) to help 1 day/week on regular basis?
  6. Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Method
  7. Copywriters: Has there been a book or resource that you've read that has helped with your work?
  8. Calling all Small and upcoming content creators/influencers
  9. Check out my LinkedIn page and endorse if you like any of my work. Thanks James
  10. Can anyone recommend great marketing, PR and direct to consumer conferences? I need ones that teach a lot more than do think pieces.
  11. Can anyone recommend a freelance lawyer who can help me out with some contract questions?
  12. Can anyone recommend a freelance backend developer who's available in September?
  13. Can anybody that works in production please help me with some music production/sound design job briefs to practice on/use for portfolio?
  14. CV and portfolio advice from Stuart Gough at Pentagram
  15. Can any designer/developer hybrid individuals provide career advice to a junior?
  16. Creative strategist looking for exciting projects to collab on this August
  17. Calling out plagiarism in the Fashion Industry...
  18. Commercial portfolio shoot near London planned for 18th Sept, looking for 3x female models & some unique fashion pieces...
  19. Calling all black and brown womxn! I need a designer to help me create a website for my Botanical Dyeing business @ecodyestudio
  20. Currently seeking out styling or styling assistant work in London through August and September. Any leads would be v much appreciated x x
  21. Currently looking for an assistant to work closely with me. Must have experience.
  22. compra obras de arte de Giuseppe Alletto sobre ARTENET.ES
  23. Currently looking a new junior role in marketing, social media, content creation or copywriting! Hit me up, I'm available ASAP.
  24. Currently looking for models for test tomorrow, London!