1. Can you name some great design studios (London) with a focus on print matters (editorial, posters, books, illustrations, visual identity)?
  2. Currently seeking for career guidance. Does anyone know a good Career consultant within the creative industry?
  3. Can anyone recommend any books, magazines or websites to learn design theory and anything an Art/Creative Director would need to know?
  4. Currently volunteering in a museum as an archivist and looking for museum internships as well as creating commission pieces?
  5. Considering offering my home studio for podcasters. Fee would include audio editing and mixing after the podcast. Would be reasonably priced
  6. Can someone look through my portfolio and tell me your thoughts, tips, improvements! Thanks! Portfolio:
  7. Collaboration anyone? Am looking for composers, prefererably who sing, to co-write songs. Please send links to your music.
  8. Can anyone recommend any marketing and production companies I can approach?
  9. Currently looking for new career opportunities in Sound and Composition!
  10. Cockpit Arts are looking for Trustees, especially someone with a connection to Camden/Holborn or Lewisham/Deptford in London. Find out more?
  11. Can anyone advice on day rates for a fashion stylist for a UK high street campaign that will be online, social media and in-store?
  12. Can someone look through my portfolio and tell me your thoughts, tips, improvements! Thanks! Portfolio:
  13. Creating a Vlog series on finances, looking for someone to come on board as volunteer / team member to shoot, edit and upload the video.
  14. Created a toolkit for Adobe Cloud to create VR experiences in minutes. Contact me if interested in trying it out for free!
  15. Chai! I'm trying to setup a chia club in east london/north london. hit me up designers!
  16. Check before you accept! Someone is flooding The Dots (and Youtube, FB, LinkedIn...) with profiles of criminals. Just to name a few:
  17. Currently looking for creative freelance photography work - I mainly work in Fashion & Fitness.
  18. Could anyone recommend a brand strategist for a new direct to consumer meals service we have just launched?
  19. Can anyone give insight or share a similar experience of how they have transitioned from being a graphic designer to an art director?
  20. Currently looking for any openings/roles available as an Event Producer/Production Assistant within an Event Production company for myself.
  21. Can anyone recommend a good Shopify site builder?
  22. Currently looking for a Motion Graphic Designer to work for one of Europe's largest and fastest growing Fintechs!!!
  23. Creatives! Wondering if I should go to London, Paris or Milan for some inspiration/research for my high-end designer brand. Recommendations?
  24. Can anyone recommend some free & effective ways of marketing a new brand on IG?