1. Christmas Jumper Decoration Workshop!!!
  2. Currently looking for a full-time/ freelance Graphic Design job, Branding, Packaging, Magazine, mainly Junior position, Anyone!
  3. Can people recommend comminities/ hubs for video directors in New York please, eg great activist groups, screening groups, newslettets? Thx
  4. Could anyone recommend a graphic designer for a new direct to consumer meals service we have just launched?
  5. Call for contributors to submit their work to “Hazy Days”, a zine about nostalgia and time well wasted. Get in touch!
  6. COLLABORATION: I'm looking for (fashion) photographers who need a photo retoucher/editor. Fashion, portraits, etc.
  7. Can anyone suggest London-based freelance creative networks who might be interested in a fun (free) freelance-specific event?
  8. Currently looking for Motion Graphic Designers who have worked with super cool brands - to work for one of the best European Fintech's
  9. Can Art Direction fog or flourish Designer` skills?
  10. Creative Board for 2020! Stylists, Styling Assistants + Muas Let's end homelessness!
  11. Companies that have diverse (race, genders, backgrounds), creative and fun company culture?
  12. Call out to photographers. Does anyone have any recent/spare shots they would like retouching?
  13. Can anyone recommend a great graphic designer for powerpoint deck?
  14. Currently looking for a full time or freelance position in Marketing or PR.
  15. Carpenter / Architectural Designer . looking for design and/or build projects in London, can work on sets, structures, furniture, and more.
  16. Currently looking for extra part-time work to go along with my current work as a Marketing Assistant for the RFU, open to all industries!
  17. COMPOSER FOR SOUTHBANK VIDEO Need a 3min piece along the lines of this composition
  18. Can anyone in London recommend some good spots for remote working at the weekend?
  19. Can anyone recommend any online training for website/digital creation? Or sites which can be used for playing around online creative copy?
  20. Creators! Do you any of you send out a newsletter or have a mailing list? What does it look like for you?
  21. Currently looking for new opportunities and open to design requests...
  22. Can anyone help me with this? I'm trying to upload my cover letter to a job application page and it wont let me paste - being very glitchy
  23. Can you recommend a business networking event in London?
  24. Casting for photo & interview series titled Windrush: Rewritten. Models/non-models please get in touch!