1. Calling all web developers! In dire need of a Shopify superstar for a sustainable jewelry brand. Contact me ASAP
  2. Creative writers, what's your advice on having a succesful career?
  3. Chá Magazine is looking for a new and excited team to join the publication of its first issue! Get more info in my profile!
  4. can not find a specialized technician to create a catchment area on my online e-commerce?
  5. Can anybody recommend any companies that will do fashion design (menswear/womenswear/accessories/footwear anything) work experience?
  6. Creative Professional looking for my next challenge - Freelance Contract or Prem.
  7. Currently looking for new opportunities. Freelance or full time. Happy to help with anything graphic design, branding or illustration.
  8. Curious to know your film planning process. What project do you mainly shoot and how do you find people to work on the projects?
  9. Collective Suggestion
  10. Calling all models from size 12 to 16 for street wear fashion shoot for March. Anyone interested?
  11. Casting for female models with multiple ear piercings for a shoots in collaboration with a jewellery brand, rate of pay is £20 per hour.
  12. Currently looking for a suit/shirt and trousers for a styling. Event date 1 February. Please toward over your work or any suggestions.
  13. Creative peeps! What are you guys working on? Let's be friends. Would love to collaborate on some type of content and exchange ideas.
  14. Can anyone recommend any Art Direction/ Creative Thinking short-courses in central London?
  15. Can anyone recommend a 'copy for web' course? London based on online.
  16. Can anyone suggest a Recruitment Agency in London specialised in film/video?
  17. Considering submitting for a D&AD New Blood this year?
  18. Can anyone recommend me a good school/university to study a styling course?
  19. Calling all music artists! Need photographer for concerts or album covers?
  20. Creatives with disabilities (or impairments): Are you part of a union or collective? If not, do you feel it is useful to join one?
  21. Calling agencies & creators! If you need unique music for your social content or adverts – add us to your contacts – we're a friendly duo!
  22. Calling all stylists! test shooting 2 male models for agency in London and I'm in need of a stylist
  23. Can anyone suggest a good theme for a DJ night in April?
  24. Can you suggest companies in SE London that would be interested in sponsoring an arts charity for young people with learning disabilities?