1. Does any one know where to start if you are looking for paid freelance illustration commissions/opportunities if you aren’t represented?
  2. Does anyone have recommendations for soundproof recording studios in London that won't break the bank? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone remember or know of any ATL brand campaigns where the employees are the voice of the brand marketing/ambassadors
  4. Dear Art Lovers. Our mission at ArtBrowser is to make art open to all. We want to know what you find most intimidating about the art world?
  5. Does anybody know of a good Model Agency/contact in Glasgow ? Not too expencive and with "real people". I'm looking for a male 20-30 years.
  6. Do I need a website to get a design job?
  7. Do you know anyone who is the right person to build the brand architecture and copy guidelines for a luxury fitness boutique? Thanks all!
  8. Does anyone have experience in music video production/ads (100 seconds) with an ad agency or prod.comp.background to shoot in Rio in Oct?
  9. Do the creative industries want ScrumMasters?
  10. Does anyone know any junior mid illustrators/motion graphics who can work with me for some corporate infographics animation for a website?
  11. Does anyone know an agent representing creatives and artists?
  12. Do you need help promoting an event? We’ve made it super easy to discover amazing events via The Dots. Get in touch! :-)
  13. Does anyone need an illustrator? I would be happy to be involved! Just get in touch with me!
  14. Do you think that Facebook will regain popularity soon?
  15. Does your design team work with a Design System? If so what's your approach, setting it up, selling it to your client and maintaining it.
  16. Does losing your phone or going offline for a week or so have any meaningful impact on your life? If so, what is it?
  17. Do we believe that brands are looking towards creating advertising content in a more sustainable way? Not just a sustainable product..
  18. Does anyone know of anybody who is willing to accommodate me for a few weeks to work at a gallery/museum? I am looking to gain experience
  19. Does anyone know of any companies in London who are hiring Motion Graphics designers/animators? and who are able to sponsor visas? Thanks!
  20. Does anyone know any English-speaking magazines in the South of France, ideally in Nice?
  21. Does anybody wanna join me with my artistic project? ✨
  22. Does anyone have experience creating a podcast in either video/audio form?
  23. Does anyone know of any entry jobs at any radio station or music related companies?
  24. Does anyone have advice for landing a UX/product designer role as a recent graduate with experience?