1. Did anyone get an internship from one of the best design studios/agencies in the world like Pentagram, Meta Design, Studio Dumbar etc?
  2. Does anyone run a zine or online media channel?
  3. Do you have a good Digital recruiter to recommend me in London (UK) ? Many thanks :)
  4. Do you want FREE social media strategy advice?
  5. Does anyone have any experience of applying for an Australian visa (over 30) or finding jobs which consider sponsorship?
  6. Do you know any free project management/invoice apps that will help me organize my workflow?
  7. Do u love fashion at an affordable cost??
  8. Does anyone know of an independent web designer who has experience building custom wordpress sites? Am looking to collaborate!
  9. Dear friends, Does anyone need a creative writer or social media manager as in intern? I would love to help
  10. does anyone know how to create a halftone texture in Photoshop so that the dots are arranged in a polygon type pattern if that makes sence ?
  11. Does anyone know where to begin the search for jobs/internships in cinema 4D? Thank you.
  12. Does anyone have work related to the theme of the community they would like to share?
  13. Do you feel like creatives nowadays are pressured to be a jack of all trades?
  14. Does anyone know how to take proper photos of artwork, what are the best settings? I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic :)
  15. Do you want to download the video?
  16. Does anybody have any online work they need help with?
  17. Does anyone know any reliable equipment hire in London still running? My usual place is currently closed.
  18. Do you love writing? We're looking for 2 girls who are currently not in work to trial our Blogging Masterclass Course for free
  19. Do you want to play our unique Instagram Stories game?
  20. Does anyone had ever get good clients on Dribble by paying a pro account?
  21. Does anyone here write for a Music Magazine or platform ?
  22. Does anyone here write for a Music Magazine or platform ?
  23. Does any know any that works for Spotify ?
  24. Dear all! I have over 2 years of experience in PR and now looking to shift my career towards digital marketing in the creative industry.