1. Does anyone have experience creating a podcast in either video/audio form?
  2. Does anyone know of any entry jobs at any radio station or music related companies?
  3. Does anyone have advice for landing a UX/product designer role as a recent graduate with experience?
  4. Does anyone know any companies looking for podcast producers/ broadcasters/ research analysts in London?
  5. Design opportunity
  6. Does anyone have a Photography internship or Assisting jobs available?
  7. Does anyone have any data science problems that I could help you with on a contract basis?
  8. Does anyone know any GOOD printers in New York? I'm spoilt with the level of printers in London and looking for NYC counterparts.
  9. Does anyone have advice on how to get interesting freelance work? Marketing/copywriting ideally.
  10. Does anyone know of any events or ways to meet with people in the magazine industry in London?
  11. Does anyone know any established start-up like company that is looking for ways of cultivating culture within their work space ?
  12. Does anyone develop a web for an organic product?
  13. Do you know about a part time job (Art Director-ish) in Berlin? Would appreciate your help :)
  14. Design and creative minds to help save the planet?
  15. Does anyone need any help with styling assistance or know other ways of how to gain more experience in styling?
  16. Does anyone know any free coworking space in Oxford Street / Tottenham Court area ?
  17. Do film and TV companie scease to exist outside of London?
  18. Does anyone have any advice on how to get illustration work?I am not with an Illustration Agency so it's hard to get commissions. Thanks
  19. Does anyone still use typewriters? Are you a writer or artist looking to use one in your work?
  20. Does any one know of any trade shows, fashion events, markets, pop up shops, etc. coming up?
  21. Does anyone know of any junior freelance jobs going at the moment? I'm looking to pick up some extra work asap. Thank you!
  22. Does anyone know if there are there any online resources/agencies where you can get a pdf portfolio review?
  23. Does anyone know how to get into the fashion business ?
  24. Does anyone know how to get into the fashion business?