1. Does anyone know of any junior freelance jobs going at the moment? I'm looking to pick up some extra work asap. Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know if there are there any online resources/agencies where you can get a pdf portfolio review?
  3. Does anyone know how to get into the fashion business ?
  4. Does anyone know how to get into the fashion business?
  5. Does anyone need/want a product photographer to shoo their product? Look through my 'SNKRS' project to see what I can do. HIRE ME!
  6. Does anyone want a very reasonably priced photographer who takes huge passion and pride in emotion in images? HIRE ME IF INTERESTED
  7. Dear artists, Designers, Directors, Editors, I am looking to join a creative team project to work in a studio. Any suggestions?
  8. Does anyone have any advice on seeking experience within photography and film making?
  9. Does anyone is searching for an assistant in portrait photography in Greater London?
  10. Does anyone know of a great female screenwriter?
  11. Does anyone have any projects they're working on that need a copywriter?
  12. Do you want to become part of SMM group where we will share ideas, good examples, support each other etc.?
  13. Does anyone know someone who has severed limbs / body parts props/prosthetics to hire?
  14. Does anyone write for an publications that cover music events, creatives, arts & culture etc.?
  15. Does anyone know a good way to compress large GIF files (30-100+Mb) into smaller ones (around 10mb if not smaller) without losing quality?
  16. Does anyone know how to do the 3D text Effect currently used by Printworks London? It's incredible work that I'm looking to possibly mimic.
  17. Does anyone have experience in monetising an online magazine ( Any advice is welcome!
  18. Does anyone have a designers PR or showroom contact list. I am working on a editorial in NYC and I want incredible designers from the UK. xo
  19. Does anyone know of any London based advertising agencies looking to hire interns or juniors?
  20. Do you think when someone is offering you the product or service for free that it’a scam?
  21. Does anybody have any advice with how to get your 'foot in the door' and kick start your dream career?
  22. Does anyone know of any UX/UI roles? Preferably Junior Level ? Thanks Aden
  23. Does anyone know of any magazines accepting article submissions? Preferably art-related magazines but I am willing to submit my work to any!
  24. Does anyone know of any creative job boards in Amsterdam? Similar to "If You Could" Finding it difficult to see jobs in AMS on this site