1. Does anyone know a designer/ institution/ company that is interested in a supply of old vehicle parts to upcycle?
  2. Does anyone know if you can select a .GIF file as a 'Project Thumbnail'? If so, can someone please explain how to?
  3. Does anyone need a two man photography/videograhpy team based in London?
  4. Does anyone know of any footwear manufacturers that do small orders?
  5. Dose anyone know of any junior model booking roles in london, or the best agencies to apply for/email
  6. Does anyone know some great beverage photographers based in London? Looking for someone for a still life / product shoot
  7. Does anyone know legalities around drawing a celebrity's face/image digitally as an illustration, and selling as a poster or on a t-shirt?
  8. Does anyone looking for UI designer? Only remote jobs, from January I'll be in Edinburgh/Scotland.
  9. Does anyone know of any photographers assistant roles in London please? I have a BA in photography currently working as picture editor
  10. Does anyone know of any cheap, small photography studios in London available next Saturday?
  11. Does anyone have connections in the emoji-design world? I'd love to be doing more...
  12. Did anyone interest in 360° VR project?
  13. Does anyone know of any social media scheduling tools to schedule & automate Instagram content, where you DONT need a Facebook profile? X
  14. Does anyone know any furniture, interior design or any art and design junior positions? For my placement year.
  15. Does anyone know the best way to break into model booking?
  16. Digital Media Coordinator with a passion for music! Im currently looking for work in the industry and willing to intern!
  17. Does anyone know a good freelancer videographer based in London to cover an upcoming launch event? If so give me a shout! - Niko
  18. Designers and animators looking to collaborate on a regular basis and build their portfolio? We’d like to hear from you!
  19. Desk Space Available in Brighton Immediately. Message for details.
  20. Do you need a film director experienced with actors for a short film? let me know.
  21. Does anyone please know any model scouts in London looking for new faces, I would like to introduce myself to them
  22. Dear Dots community, I am looking for some guest writers and photographers for an acclaimed online platform: DM for info.
  23. Do you have things to sell? Want to sell them at TBD Lates? No charge - theme is Curiosity and the date is December 6th! Let me know!
  24. Do you use CBD or cannabis? If so, please fill out this survey >>>>