1. Do you have something SPECIAL, something important for you to change in 2020? Message me and let's talk! 30 minutes FREE session!
  2. Does anyone know the best way to break into model booking?
  3. Digital Media Coordinator with a passion for music! Im currently looking for work in the industry and willing to intern!
  4. Does anyone know a good freelancer videographer based in London to cover an upcoming launch event? If so give me a shout! - Niko
  5. Designers and animators looking to collaborate on a regular basis and build their portfolio? We’d like to hear from you!
  6. Desk Space Available in Brighton Immediately. Message for details.
  7. Do you need a film director experienced with actors for a short film? let me know.
  8. Does anyone please know any model scouts in London looking for new faces, I would like to introduce myself to them
  9. Dear Dots community, I am looking for some guest writers and photographers for an acclaimed online platform: DM for info.
  10. Do you have things to sell? Want to sell them at TBD Lates? No charge - theme is Curiosity and the date is December 6th! Let me know!
  11. Do you use CBD or cannabis? If so, please fill out this survey >>>>
  12. Does anyone know any networking events/platforms for creatives (mainly graphic design, advertising, branding, social media)
  13. Does anyone know a great podcast editor? Looking for a freelance podcast editor to edit 6 podcast episodes for online publishing.
  14. Does anyone know the best way to approach a brand or someone within the creative industry about work?
  15. Do you work in fashion? Are you looking for free copywriting? I'm keen to build my portfolio and would love to hear from you!
  16. Does anyone know of companies that would advertise in a men's mental health magazine?
  17. Does anyone know how to turn off question notifications?
  18. Drop me a vote in these freelancer awards please... Love you!
  19. Drama writers + directors with strong experience or reel. Please get in touch with me! On the hunt for emerging talent!
  20. do you think it is enough now days just to have a good portfolio, or do you think you now need to develop your brand also?
  21. Dear creatives, have an ask)) A loonar rover project.
  22. Does anyone know a fab location sound engineer/sound mixer?
  23. Does anyone know an awesome social media unicorn who thrives on learning -blending creative Strategic thinking with paid media Strategy?
  24. Do u have Swag & got fresh trainers? Would you like to experience what it's like on a music video set? looking for extras tomorrow! PM ASAP