1. do you think it is enough now days just to have a good portfolio, or do you think you now need to develop your brand also?
  2. Dear creatives, have an ask)) A loonar rover project.
  3. Does anyone know a fab location sound engineer/sound mixer?
  4. Does anyone know an awesome social media unicorn who thrives on learning -blending creative Strategic thinking with paid media Strategy?
  5. Do u have Swag & got fresh trainers? Would you like to experience what it's like on a music video set? looking for extras tomorrow! PM ASAP
  6. Do you know a charity, association or group looking for pro-bono design work?
  7. Does anyone know of any talent manager/influencer marketing positions?
  8. Does anyone want to write for some stories or at least some concept suggestions? They're mostly about superpowers, wacky comedies etc.
  9. Do you need any help with your digital/ marketing projects? I can start now, part or full time, due to redundancy. Thanks
  10. Designer/videographer looking to move from UK to Australia, any advice or connections?
  11. Dear creatives! I am one of the 40 photographers to be included in one of its kind queer photography book! Can you help spread the word!?
  12. Dear all, I am looking for creatives based in the UK, Greece, Germany, Ghana & Nigeria (all professions) to build an extensive network
  13. Design Council is looking for a diverse range of new design associates! Interested >>
  14. Does anyone have any tips for making a career change? How do you make (meaningful) connections in an industry where you don't know anyone?!
  15. Do you or someone you know need a 3D interior House designer for your upcoming project in every sort & size? Make sure to contact me
  16. Do designers join trade unions? If so why and what’s your experience and/or advice?
  17. Do you require marketing support for your start-up, small-mid size business?
  18. Does anyone wanna help with some short stories? Like read them, write them and/or even just story suggestions. Read below description.
  19. Determined to peruse a career in publishing, but finding it incredibly hard. Does anyone have any advice to get in / things to do meanwhile?
  20. Does anyone know a London based Fashion Photographer? I am looking for one for my Men's Fashion Blog to shoot in London on weekends.
  21. Does anyone know any good photographers based in NYC, please? ;) let me know, please!
  22. Does anyone know any UX / UI Designers looking for work at the moment? I am looking to hire ASAP. Any recommendations are highly appreciated
  23. Does anyone have experience on Hubspot landing pages?
  24. Does anyone know any companies that offer funding for video projects?