1. Does anybody know how I would go about selling art prints in Glasgow?
  2. Does anyone have their own studio space/room for shoots that I could use for a shoot on Friday 31/01/20? Please let me know! DM me for info!
  3. Does anyone know of some Free/Affordable venues In London ? For a pop up/ launch event ? Thank you in advance
  4. Does anyone want a portfolio site? I can design a fully responsive/animated site - Perfect for creatives who want to showcase their talents!
  5. Do you have multiple income streams?
  6. Does anyone know a Notion programer? Notion is a productivity platform and I'm keen to meet a developer to make a dashboard for my company.
  7. Do you know of any 18 - 24-year-old black men who would like to start a career in tech? This programme is for them:
  8. Does anyone have any tips on how you would work out your pay structure for illustrating a book?
  9. Does anyone have any advice for connecting with other creatives, self promo, and growing your audience?
  10. Do creative/ art directors mind giving feedback on entry level portfolios? What is the best way to reach out to get honest feedback
  11. Do anyone now of any online storytelling courses? i'm curious and want to learn more, Thanks.
  12. Does anyone have experience in designing in-store POS? Specifically for jewellery....
  13. Does anyone actually like the new Mixcloud branding? If so can you share what you like about it?
  14. Does anyone know someone who or worked personally on the commission for the Selfridges?
  15. Does any interior designer look for work with a gallery? Or does anyone need a free home visit service to source artworks for your home?
  16. Does anyone know of any Fashion History talks going on... Preferably free but happy to pay the odd £10-£15 here or there.
  17. Does anyone have experience of licensing via British Pathé? I've found footage I'd like to use for a personal project but the fees enormous.
  18. Designers! I'm interested in portfolios that show branding/graphic and packaging/product design experience. Would love to see your work :)
  19. Does anyone know any freelance costume designers/makers who can work on larger order quantities? (talking 100 max)
  20. Did you know we are meant to average 10,000 steps per day? Here is a new post on benefits of walking:
  21. Do you have a clothing love story to tell? A precious piece with a beautiful story or that has been worn by generations?
  22. Doesn't anyone need or know someone who needs some graphic work over the weekend? I'm employed full time and I'm looking for some extra work
  23. Does anyone know of another platform that has a similar 'Ask/Discussion' section for industry/companies needs and questions?
  24. Does anyone know of a printing studio in the UK that is sustainable or uses recycled paper? Ideally, would like a female-owned company.