1. Environmentally friendly merch - Who can produce stickers/pins/totes that are totally environmentally friendly? (In Europe)
  3. Everyone who has social or educational work as part of what they do. What's the barriers to working in educational projects ?
  4. Experienced multidisciplinary designer / art director seeking freelance work in London. Get in touch!
  5. Everyone is asking for pixel perfect design these days. For a limited time* only i am now offering pixel perfect design courses for £100
  6. Emerging accessories brand is looking for collaborations with fashion stylists and photographers for photoshoots.
  7. E-learning / Digital Learning in the music industry - Is it a thing? What are your experiences?
  8. Excitingly, I've just landed a job in Sydney! Any amazing people I should meet with while down under?
  10. Editors: any trailer editors interested in making a trailer for a 20 minute short film? Film supported by Universal Music.
  11. ello, looking for last min art director for a DIY music vid (live performance) unfortunately its unpaid :( - as its an IOU sorry sorry :(
  12. Ello ello, last minute again - looking for a focus puller who can help our DOP with a gimble for a shoot this Sunday. Get in touch if poss
  13. Experienced 2D animator / video guy available for hire I have worked for many clients inc. CQI, Vodafone The National Lottery. Thanks, Alan
  14. Excitingly, The Dots was just featured as ‘App of the Day’ in the Apple App Store! Have you downloaded it? Any feedback?
  15. Experienced, reliable, fast and creative print designer available for hire
  16. Excuse my ignorance but I would like to know what it means to collaborate with other writers.
  17. Eliot Lopian | What Exactly Is A Property Chain And How Does It Work?
  18. Experienced stills and motion producer actively looking for work, available immediately.
  19. Evening. I'm a music producer doing mainly R&B/Hip Hop beats atm. If any vocalists are up for collaborating that would be cool!
  20. EDIT: Thank you all so much for your responses!
  21. Elsie Magazine : I'm looking for contributions to my Free weekly digital magazines - click for further info on how you can get involved.
  22. Ehi beautiful people! Anyone looking for a professional Video-Editor? Hit me up! Amsterdam based - " remote work " very possible
  23. Email copywriter here! If anyone looking to hire someone to write quirky direct response copy for their email, feel free to DM.
  24. Emailable portfolios: what are the things that I should add apart from my work and my contacts? Cheers!