1. Good afternoon! Does anyone know of free event spaces either in East or Central which are pretty and can hold 50 people (roughly)?
  2. Getting to know The Dots better. What's the most exciting part of The Dots for you?
  3. Get in touch if you are/know any MUAs and stylist looking to build their portfolio, this is for two editorial shoots for a magazine!
  4. Graduated from University with a Bachelors in Media Production and Moving Images. Can anyone lead me in the right direction films jobs?
  5. Guys and girls, is anyone interested in starting a photography YouTube channel with me?
  6. Graphic Designer looking for work in London, permanent or freelance!
  7. Graphic designers, I'm running a session for my students next week about pricing your work & wondered what pricing strategy you used & why?
  8. Group of interior design students (3 or 4) , looking for a short shadowing placement of +/- 3 days. Could anyone help?
  9. Graphic designer looking for opportunities to expand portfolio & put skills to use. Feel free to message me
  10. Graphic Designers, would you be up for sending your PDF portfolio to me so that I can show my final year students some great examples?
  11. GRAPHIC DESIGNERS! looking for someone to design credits and title into a beautiful 60s looking FONT for my erotic 16mm short film
  12. Graphic designer/illustrator, looking for freelance work
  13. Greetings friends, I'm normally a music, arts and event photographer but my 2020 goal is to try some portrait experience. Hit me up!
  14. Got YouTube or social videos you need to edit but dont have time? I'll edit them for free in exchange for adding content for my showreel:)
  15. Got a few fashion editorials I've been sitting on - trying to submit for publication - any good London based mags you recommend?
  16. gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM is looking for content contributors/submissions for this #2 ZINE Theme: Peckham 3000 Future Subcultures
  17. Good Morning All! - I'm looking to build a network of Junior and Senior Creative Teams for both freelance and perm work for Spark44 LDN.
  18. Girls in Film has launched a £5,000 film fund for UK-based womxn filmmakers with support from Dr Martens.
  19. Graphic designers… what do you think makes for an effective portfolio website?
  20. Generalised Portfolio VS Specialised Portfolio? Which one is better to send to employers?
  21. Going to be hosting online, cook along, dinner parties for the next few weeks - so we can socially distance/isolate, together.
  22. Got any questions about SEO? Fire away ( cwjbyrne at outlook dot com )
  23. Good Morning everyone, is anyone in need of a graphic & motion designer? If you are don't hesitate to message me. Have a great day. J
  24. Graphic designers out there, I've got a little idea for a new physical book, something for colour addicts to pleasure all your senses