1. hey, guys my passion project EDEN Zine is in production for Issue 2 and we're looking for writers. Get in touch if you're interested!
  2. Hi All, I’m looking for new producers and directors you work with on the mini series and short films - email me at
  3. Hey guys I hope all of you are doing well.
  4. Hey, I'm looking for people in the art world to be part of a research project!
  5. Hi, I am a Freelance Costume Illustrator looking for opportunities to work with Costume Designers on upcoming Film and Television projects.
  6. Hi, I am a music video/ short film producer. Looking to finish the year with a couple more projects. Send me a message :)
  7. Hi, We are on the hunt for some fresh creative talent to work on some new projects. 3D visualisation skills would be a bonus...
  8. Hey there, looking for a Graphic Designer to create assets for CoGo - the app for conscious consumers. Possibility for future work too!
  9. HI ! I am looking for someone who works with 3D animation to help me to create a video for a song. (It would be a quick collaboration)
  10. Hey! I am currently on the hunt for stylist/fashion assistant work, if anyone is needed a 1st/2nd assistant around London Harley x
  11. Hi everyone! If anyone has an open position for an internship in social media management / digital content management let me know!
  12. Hello Dotters! I want to help my father increase sales of automotive lubricants and engine filters. He is an official distributor.Any ideas?
  13. Hi! My name is Denys and I can create cool promotional videos for Social Media! Check
  14. Happy to share that I'm now fully freelance, working with fashion/beauty/lifestyle brands on sales & marketing strategies. Let's get to work
  15. Hi every one! I'm new in London and I am ready to be briefed. Drop a comment if you are looking for a communication designer. Good Luck
  16. Hey! Any productions or who are keen to do more with their commercial partnerships or product offering? Please get in touch!
  17. Hello, I’m an architecture student with dreams of becoming a graphic designer/creative director anyone willing to mentor me or offer advice?
  18. How to contact our Microsoft tech support for assistant?
  19. Hi. Looking for some freelancer writers and media sales person for a magazine project. Contact me
  20. Hi, I am Ivana. I am a student and aspiring media composer. I am looking for people to collaborate with to grow as an artist and as a person
  21. Hey all - I am searching for a creative mentor. Preferably LGBT. Creative director, art photographer, filmmaker. All round creative. xx
  22. Hi! Is anyone in need of a fashion stylist?
  23. Hey!!!! Just seen your post, what type of creatives are in search of?
  24. Hey Guys! Any upcoming projects require a Marketing Comms Freelance? Kindly get in touch