1. Hairstylist for fashion editorial - TFP - Shoreditch area on Saturday 7th
  2. Hey guys, is there anybody that can help me with some video editing?
  3. Hello I’m a photographer. Looking to collaborate with stylist and brands in Madrid in December-January
  4. Hey Everyone, I am a current student at Hyper Island in Stockholm and I am looking for Internship in January or February 2020. Any tips
  5. Has anyone here done work for German clients? Any idea what needs to be on the invoice (UK business invoicing a German company)?
  6. Hi everyone, I am looking for designers who would like to collaborate on a shoot on the 21st December. Let me know if you are interested xx
  7. Hi everyone! We are looking for programmers in Zurich to develop an App with. Any suggestions?
  8. Hello everybody!! I am a creative and fashion photographer based in London If anyone need any help with a project hit me up! :D
  9. Hello everybody!! I am a creative and fashion photographer based in London If anyone need any help with a project hit me up! :D
  10. Hi! Want to take your mind off the election? Are you a hairstylist?
  11. Hey! Any photographers, models, art directors want to collaborate to on creative/personal projects? :)
  12. hi, looking for magazines or websites looking for a experienced journalist! let me know if i can help!
  13. Hello people! Fashion photographer looking for freelancing work let me know if you know anything Thanks for your help
  14. Heya :) Looking for some advice! How do you work out whether your work is more suited to graphic design or illustration?
  15. Hi everyone! **I just want to say how excited I am of seeing so much talented people** I hope you are all having a great week!
  16. Hello everyone I’m looking for someone who knows where I can find deadstock fabric and also looking to hire a Seamsstres for some samples!:)
  17. hello, I'm new here; in January I move to London for a course to follow at UAL in fashion stylist. and I'd like to find a job in the footwea
  18. Hello Doters! does any know a good UX Copywriter?
  19. Have you been off for an extended career break? Want to come back to your creative career? Apply to 2020's Creative Comeback programme!
  20. Hey guys! Got any any recommendations for a good online UX design/ strategy course? Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am a hat designer recently turned prop maker. I am looking for collaborations and interesting projects to be involeved in.
  22. Hello guys! I'm looking for a videographer and a make up artist for a fashion film to be shot in the first week of January (4th to 6th)
  23. Hi! I'm looking for new creative projects in 2020. I'm an art director from Prague and I specialize in immersive brand campaigns and events.
  24. Hello guys! I am looking out to collaborate with an image retoucher to edit a images from a fashion editorial shoot.