1. Hey! Looking for MUA, models and photographers to collaborate for a photo shooting. Anyone interested?
  2. Hi Whats the best way to start networking in order to gain more access to the creative industry? Is London the main city to network in?
  3. Hi! I am looking for a web designer who is available for a project ASAP.......
  4. Hello, I'm a part-qualified Accountant with a Masters in Project Management... Any idea on the best role? I'm feeling quite lost! Thanks
  5. Hi, I am a graphic designer and I am looking for a job. I would have some advice and some opinion about my cv/portfolio..any help? thanks
  6. How does an unsigned director find briefs and projects to pitch to other than TheSmalls or Creative Commissions?
  7. How does an aspiring moving image director get their foot in the door after graduating from their degree?
  8. Hello! I need some advice.
  9. Hi everyone! I am looking for a Hair Stylist! Photo shoot on Sunday (8th December). Please let me know if you are interested x
  10. Hello! I would like to ask how to get the attention of a creative agency to start freelancing and collaborations? Thank you!
  11. Hey creatives! Looking to collaborate TFP with an HMUA. Shoot will be at my home studio with a Profile model.
  12. Hey! This December i'm looking for even more team charity projects to feature & spotlight on our homepage – please do upload yours!
  13. Hi creatives! I'm looking for a photographer for a TFP editorial on Saturday 7th December around Shoreditch area! x
  14. Hey, I am trying to find a copy-writer for our newsletter, articles, and profiles. How should I run this process?
  15. Hey guys, Just putting it out there. If anyone is looking for a UI and graphic designer, I'm available for freelance work. Cheers
  16. hey! Im a photographer-with a special style- looking for collaborations and freelance projects
  17. Hi! I’m an Art Director - Editorial Designer looking for cultural projects, if anyone needs a profile like mine, feel free to reach out!
  18. Hi, we're looking for a creative writer from Amsterdam to create a quest at Questo: It's a fun, paid project :)
  19. Hello fellow Dotters, Does anyone have any good recommendations for a website builders for my online portfolio?
  20. Have you ever worked with/for/at brandnation?
  21. How would you show in a short and simple video, in an unusual way, how to wear a scarf in different styles?
  22. Hairstylist for fashion editorial - TFP - Shoreditch area on Saturday 7th
  23. Hello! I am a freelance textile designer I create prints on the side and would love for you guys to check them out @nmmela.designs on insta
  24. Hey, I am currently doing an xmas offer on any three posters for £15 over at my brand @nmmela.designs on IG, feel free to ask me.