1. How has a failure or apparent failure set you up for later success? Do you have a favourite story about a failure of yours?
  2. Hey, i'm just wondering what factors people think of when choosing a printer their magazine or literature?
  3. Hi - I'm looking for a photographer to capture some behind the scenes footage and wondered if anyone had any recommendations?
  4. Hi everyone! I am looking for recommendations from the experts for a small cloths and footwear manufacturer located either in Europe or UK?
  5. Hello, I am moving to Germany in a few weeks and would be awesome if you share any co-work spaces you recommend in Köln and Heidelberg?
  6. Hey there, im currently looking for freelance creative direction roles/experience in london. Email me:
  7. Hi guys I'm looking for a freelance mid-weight designer to come and help out in our office next week. Let me know if you're available!
  8. Hello, who is interested in learning more about a new agency just for health and wellness brands. If so do you want to be part of the team?
  9. Hi guys, I travel to New York City for 2 weeks from June 2nd-17th & would like to know if there are any creative spots I should visit?
  10. Heya, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any zines or collectives that highlights East Asian creatives??
  11. Hi, I've been looking for a creative full time role for a year now, I'm a Stylist/Creative Director/Curator/Illustrator. anyone hiring?
  12. Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for instagram photographers who capture intimate informal immersive detail of a magnificient venue?
  13. Hello! Is anyone interested in doing some retouching for a series of upcoming test shoots for Milk Management?
  14. Hi! Looking for branding freelancers to create a variety of brands across the fitness / wellness / luxury lifestyle sectors with us.
  15. Hi! I am a graduate and on the lookout for new projects and people to meet! Interested in a coffee and a chat? Hit me up! :)
  16. Hi, creatives from Berlin, any suggestions/tips to get the most from the design community in the city?
  17. Hi, do you know any cool projection mappers?
  18. Hi guys, I'm looking for a ligting designer for cinematic photo-set. The theme is hotel motel. Think: lights come through the blinds, neons
  19. Hi! I'm creating a network of founders of charities and social enterprises. I'd love to know which 'social founders' you most admire.
  20. Hi creatives, Can somebody help me with the names of the photographic studios in London that gives hotel motel room / living room vibes?
  21. Hi Creatives! I am a recent university graduate who has recently embarked on a freelance copywriting career. Any tips to get started?
  22. Have you ever experienced burnout? If so, how did you overcome it? If not, how have you been successful at balancing the pressure and work?
  23. Hi there, anyone new joining this platform not able to upload their profile picture? I am stuck
  24. Hi Dotters what are your thoughts about representative agencies for filmmakers? Any experiences? Any tips to get in touch with them? Thx