2. Hello All, does anyone know if there are any radio stations or media houses looking for a presenter/runner please?
  3. Hello Dotters! Would love to get some feedback on my portfolio. Thank you!
  4. Hey, if anyone is available on Thursday 23rd Jan. I am looking for both male & female models. If interested please let me know.
  5. Hello everybody there, I’ll be (very) soon moving to London, is there anybody who knows a poetry related space in the city? many thanks ~ L
  6. Hi everyone, I am very keen to get into music-related illustration work - ie lp designs, posters, t-shirts etc
  7. Hey, I’m looking for someone that can edit a short film for me x
  8. Hi I'm looking for someone with experience in putting successful pitch decks together for funding/investment.
  9. Hey guys I am looking for interesting creatives, and even more interesting backgrounds, who would want to tell me their stories.
  10. How to approach magazines for editorial's. HELP
  11. Hey, I'm looking for a director with sports experience, for a TVC and social profile films - working with real people. Any recommendations?
  12. HEY Mccann Health are currently looking for a Creative Mid Weight team :) Healthcare not entirely necessary however highly desired
  13. Hi! I'm Sara an Italian Art director: me and my copywriter are looking for a job here in London as creative team. Who wants to adopt us?
  14. Hey is anyone available to model for a shoot on Wednesday morning? Further info will be provided. This would be a great help.
  15. Hi, I'm looking to relocate to London. Experienced in account management, editing, social media and PR. Any help in securing a role?
  16. Hi I'm a recent MA graduate in Fine Art specialising in oil painting. Any advice on looking for jobs within the Art Industry.
  17. Hello Dear All! We are collecting feedback on creative business challenges and giving away 3x£20 Amazon vouchers, the details below!
  18. Hello, I'm a director looking to put a team & crew together for a music video soon.
  19. Hello, I'm an Artist and Illustrator looking for new projects! I've gained experience in creating artwork for brand events
  20. How do you change your career into a creative field with little work experience in that industry?
  21. Hi! Looking for a stylist and a MUA for either Friday,Saturday or Sunday. Planning to have a shoots in those three days with agency models
  22. Hi everyone! Any Agencies for Illustrators that you could recommend?
  23. Hey hey, looking for film directors for a music project. Anyone interested or any recommendations give me a shout!
  24. Hi, I’m currently in my final year at University of Reading studying graphic communication and I am seeking a full time graduate job in LDN