1. Have you ever experienced burnout? If so, how did you overcome it? If not, how have you been successful at balancing the pressure and work?
  2. Hi there, anyone new joining this platform not able to upload their profile picture? I am stuck
  3. Hi Dotters what are your thoughts about representative agencies for filmmakers? Any experiences? Any tips to get in touch with them? Thx
  4. Hi There, any suggestion on how to become a UX Researcher?
  5. How many jobs did you apply for in the creative industry before you secured a role, If ever?
  6. Hi! I'm a Senior Administration Manager looking for a new career opportunity. Please get in touch. Available for immediate start. Thank you
  7. Hi Everyone. Looking to put together an amazing panel on 'How'd You Land that Dream Gig?' - Was wondering who you'd love to hear talk?
  8. How many people are freelancer's currently working from home? Are looking for an inspirational place and a community to work with everyday?
  9. Hello! I am looking for some visual artists, poets, or filmmakers to collaborate with. I can help you with music and even sound design.
  10. Hello , Any Upcoming Projects/Campaigns in need of Visual content or Branding! Please Hit Me up :)
  11. Hi Everyone! Looking for advice for about moving from Canada, and looking to practice Art/Creative direction in London UK in 2020. Thanks!
  12. Hey! Does anyone know of, or can recommend any indie mags or music platforms looking for artists to collab with? Thanks a mil
  13. Howdy, I am looking to put together a small team for a documentary series on the independent music scene in London!
  14. Hello, I am an aspiring writer, director and producer. I am looking for a job in a production company. Does anyone know any companies?
  15. Hi, does anyone have experience in producing and printing a magazine? I am looking for some advice
  16. Hi there, I'm new to The Dots and I am looking for an opportunity to develop my skills in Film editing and camera.
  17. Hi there!! I would like to develop my skills in filming and photography. I would gladly appreciate all the aid I could get with that
  18. Hey, wondering if anyone here has started their own business?
  19. How is Artificial Intelligence-exciting AI outcomes in the next five years beyond the hype ?
  20. Hey Guys Just started working for a great coworking space, can do special discountsthe-dots. email me
  21. Hey!! I'm looking for a mentor. Can anyone recommend any sites or people who can help?
  22. Hi guys, I've just released I would love to get some feedback from you. Thanks!
  23. Hey! Looking for a project or internship or just short experience, I want to put my creative force somewhere!
  24. Hi I am currently looking for an internship / work experience to work in a handbag brand, big or small. Any suggestions? TY!