1. Hello Everyone, I just posted a simple kit for a collective ''Cadavre exquis''. You can sketch at several hands, share with friends and fam!
  2. How do I get my first job in the industry?
  3. Hey Everyone. Hope you well. Are there any online jobs that we can apply for during the time of this pandemic? Please and Thank You :-)!
  4. Happy to connect! Drop your portfolio link or IG below
  5. Hello, I am a journalist and I am trying to understand how things work here. Is it necessary to have an NCTJ certification to get a job?
  6. Hi, I am interested in doing a proofreading course, and another one to improve my English grammar. Which one would you recommend?
  7. Hi! I´m a freelance translator (english, spanish, french and portuguese). I work online. Try me :)
  8. Hey, I'm new here in The Dots. So... Could you share some advices to start here? thx
  9. Hey! Hope everyone is keeping safe, due to COVID-19 I have been made redundant and I am looking for new opportunities.
  10. Hello, Does anyone know of a good book editor ? Or an experienced writer who is open to review or give feedback ?
  11. Hello! I was wondering if people would know where/best platform to find a VR Game Designer? #AskingForAFriend ;)
  12. How is your Creativity coping with Covid-19?
  13. Hey creative professional's and friends, I am about to purchase a new drawing tablet for 3D animation, rendering virtual stage mockups
  14. Hi there, I'm a freelance video editor based in London, UK. Does anyone have any video footage they need to be edited?
  15. How do you convert an Android game to an iOS game?
  16. Heyyy everyone! I'm new here, and not sure what's up from down just yet. But I am looking to make new friends, acquaintances and find work!
  17. Hi all, Looking for a developer to work on an App idea !
  18. Hey guys, anyone know of any upcoming photography based internships in London? Preferably around September time. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I am looking for an editor who can look at my short film and tighten up the editing. The film is 3 minutes long. Message me!
  20. H! Can you be a mentor? Looking for people to impart their wisdom from experience & answer questions about creative progress. Email me!
  21. Hi, I hope everyone is safe and well. If anyone could give there great knowledge over and give any advice on starting a brand?
  22. Hi ladies and gents, hope you are well in this climate? I am experimenting with writing and learning. Any help needed, test me, blogging etc
  23. hey anyone interested in music? i make beats check them out to cool your nerves or bring them up I'll leave this link
  24. Hi everyone! I am new in The Dots and I just did a quick Web Portfolio.