1. Hello i'm looking for any opportunities as a stylist assistant? I've mainly done work in interiors and products.
  2. Hi all! I’ve recently had a few commissions cancelled so have spent the time updating my portfolio and would love some feedback?
  3. Hiya, I'm looking for graphic design or illustration freelance work !
  4. Hello!! I have recently updated my website and would love some feedback or advice, it would be really appreciated!
  5. Hi creatives! I hope you are doing well? I'm looking for collaborators for upcoming projects, let's brandstorming in this difficult time.
  6. Hi I have just had my next role fall through which means I sadly now fall out of the support network for Furlough, does anyone have advice?
  7. Hey! I’m looking for fellow music producers/composers to create soundtrack for my videos! Feel free to reach out if you’re interested!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm one half of the team at Buttah, we're a visual platform dedicated to showcasing work by dyspraxic and dyslexic creatives.
  9. How do you change the url of your dots profile? Mine sucks and I don't use Dots because of it.
  10. Hey Creatives I’m looking for feedback on my work and freelance opportunities. I’m founder and head stylist of @passagetopoise
  11. Hello, Hope all are safe and well. Any CTO and UX designer around ?
  12. Hi! I have 5 yrs of experience as an Associate prod. in film&Tv(India). I moved to London in Jan. and looking for work here. Any advice? Tx.
  13. Hi All, I'm looking for freelancers that can help with Rotoscoping Animation and character animation. All recommendations welcome.
  14. Hello creatives! We're looking to organise an event "Erase the haterz: Learn the basics of Photoshop". Reach out if you want to be a speaker
  15. Hello everyone :) I am interested into fashion design and textiles, but the budget is an issue. Any recommendations for online courses?
  16. Hello, I am looking for someone to help me with a Business plan! So if you know someone or a company i can contact. Please let me know!
  17. HOOKJOURNAL.COM is looking for budding music writers interested in writing think pieces and long form content.
  18. Hello – Is anyone looking for any web design work at the moment? I am readily available and would love to work on some new projects.
  19. Hi all, I'm a psychologist/business coach doing online coaching sessions. I help my clients face life & business challenges.
  20. Hello Doters For my project, I would need volunteers to do an interview about their home offices. Is someone interested?
  21. Hey guys! Looking to connect with creatives via Instagram, follow me at @trialsandtribulationsx
  22. HEY EVERYONE! recently lost my part-time job so I'm currently looking for illustration work! If you need a poster, portrait or even art! HMU
  23. Hello Dotters, I hope you are all safe during this difficult time. Is anyone looking for an Image retoucher? If so let me know !
  24. Hey humans! I am offering some free feedback on your social media presence for freelancers and small businesses.