1. hi! looking for graphic design work see my portfolio! thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I am a graphic designer & illustrator looking for work opportunities in Denmark & Sweden as a freelancer (in London too).
  3. Having not graduated yet, how would you suggest I get I to the filming/editing industry? Also how do I get into to modeling?
  4. Hi I’m a illustration graduate looking to work in a print studio Any ideas who I can write to or anyone know anyone who needs someone :)
  5. Hi! I am searching for fashion designers, stylists and creative directors in Milan to collaborate!! Would love to hear from you ☀️
  6. Hello creative part of the cosmos! Looking for music collaborations for emergent filmmakers on the run. Soundtracks? Anyone? I'm in.
  7. Hello, I am a screenwriter looking to make films. Can you guys tell me how can I find freelance works as a storywriter and earn some money?
  8. Hi UXR, I am looking for the book "Just enough Research by Erika Hall" and it is not available on line and in shops. Can you help me pls?
  9. Hi my name is Adi Galis new here at The -dots. I’m available for new and interesting projects if someone looking for video editing services
  10. How are social media platforms using gambling methods to create psychologcial dependencies?
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good (short) videography/film + adobe course in London? Something that covers the basics to get me started!
  12. Hello all. Does anyone know of any freelance motion graphics projects they need help on?
  13. Hey, I'm a photo retoucher looking for collabs! Let me know if interested
  14. Hi, is anyone looking for a freelancer. My work can be found here at:
  15. Hi guys I'm an illustrator/make up artist, I have graduated but i am looking for commissions , or if I can help anyone with projects :)
  16. Hi Everyone! I'm a photographer looking for Lifestyle magazines to work with.
  17. Hey, I’m a freelance illustrator specialising in illustration for children. I am looking to fill up my calendar so get in touch
  18. How do I get more freelance blog writing work?
  19. Hi, does anyone know any junior motion designer position available mainly toward studios?
  20. Hi all, looking for recommendations for videographers / small production houses based in New York - luxury / fitness industry ocused.
  21. Hello! I am searching for a Photography Agency or Agent that could represent me! You can see my work in my website:
  22. Hi, Can someone let me know what my portfolio says about me and my work? Could I get work based on it?
  23. Hearst UK are looking for a graphic design intern to work on a fashion account on a 2 month rolling contract starting asap.
  24. Hi! I’m still very new at finding work for myself as an illustrator. How did you find work when you were starting out?