1. Heya! I'm on the lookout for creative womxn, GNC artists and innovators for a creative agency. Message me for more info, if interested!
  2. Hello ! I'm looking for graphic design freelance project to work :) Here is my portfolio:
  3. Hey! Can anyone offer advice on the best, cheapish DSLRs for beginners, please? Finally diving into photography and buying my first camera.
  4. Has anyone ever felt hard done by or felt mis marked by their lecturers at University? I want to hear your stories! Email
  5. Hey guys who’s up for video photographs while at home. As many countries as possible. DM please :)
  6. Hi, I'm looking for ethical fashion brands to sponsor an online, global event during the fashion revolution week.
  7. HTML & CSS Lesson Tomorrow @ 1pm GTD!
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for people to collaborate with anyone interested?
  9. Hello, Anyone looking for Graphic Designer to make Adobe Animate project in AS3 or JAVA/HTML5 (Canvas)?
  10. Hi everyone! I created a public playlist on Spotify to get a bit distracted from all these bad news. Feel free to subscribe!
  11. Hey, I'm wondering what Squarespace template people are using to display copywriting, content creation, and media relations work?
  12. Hey everyone! I would like to use this time to help someone with their creative projects! DM if you got a job for me
  13. Hello! Has anyone got some free time and available to cast a critical eye over my CV and portfolio? Now's a great time to keep it fresh!
  14. Hi creative parents. Please reply with tips, tricks and hacks you can do with your kids during this crisis.
  15. Have you been to any remote events/conferences that have impressed you?
  16. HTML & CSS class today @ 1:00 GMT
  17. Hey Everyone! Has anyone worked in Singapore as a UX designer?
  18. Hey, if you could answer this questionnaire for me for uni that would be great, thank you :)
  19. Hello, I have been furloughed from work and feeling rather uninspired. I wondered if anyone knows any good free online creative courses?
  20. How has the Coronavirus affected you? Collaboration Project
  21. How do you think this global pandemic and life in lockdown is going to change the way we relate to brands and the commercial world?
  22. How is Covid treating everyone? How are you using your time?
  23. Hello! Could I have some feedback on my website and instagram thanks a bunch!
  24. Hi everyone! Does anyone know of any women of colour or artists that explore Body Positivity? Thanks in advance x