1. Hi there! Looking for 3D garment animators. I am doing a research about how latin designers are perceived. Want to create a 3D short film!
  2. Hey! My client looking for a mid-weight digital brand designer with motion design knowledge - anyone?
  3. Hi. Is anyone interested in a UX Design collaboration? This is a personal project.
  4. Hello is any studio or agency looking for a freelance Illustrator to hire remotely? Hit me up!
  5. Hey everyone. I’m interested in creating a mastermind based on the book “Principles” by Ray Dalio. Who is interested in installing them? ;)
  6. Hi, I'm building my website for the first time and I'd love your feedback! ~ ~
  7. Hello! I am a first year interior design student and was wondering if anyone had advice on work experience and where to start?
  8. Hey, I'm looking for some helpful feedback on my designs on my dribbble account.
  9. Hello creatives! What is your all-time favourite font and recent pick?
  10. How is everyone staying busy during isolation?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for an online platform where to publish an art contest. Do you have any tips and names? Thank you
  12. Hey guys, I'd love if you could check out my recent projects. I'm a print designer looking to collaborate. Hmu.
  13. Hallo! I am looking for companies I can propose my graphic design of rugs, textile, wallpaper, tiles. Also e-decorating service for clients
  14. Hi everyone, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves during this time. I am a recent music graduate living in London looking for work!
  15. How do I create B2B content for business owners
  16. Hello, I’m an illustrator and designer looking for new projects!
  17. Hello! Currently looking for my next career move sooner than anticipated! If anyone needs content/copy/marketing support, please shout!
  18. Has any stylists or editor used the Pro Fashion Insight database? And is it as comprehensive as Fashion Monitor?
  19. How improved my skill and portfolio to show on Editorial or more people for my PR and opportunities?!
  20. Hi, so I'm looking for a bunch of creatives to work with after the covid-19. If you have any ideas do hit me up on Instagram @aggy_xoxo.
  21. Hi! I'm looking for someone to work freelance on PR for my company supernaturae. I can pass more information if you're interested.
  22. Hi everyone I’ve built my site in Wordpress (thank you YouTube) and would love some feedback
  23. Hello, could I have some advice on how to create a professional photography portfolio? Thank you
  24. Hey! I’m looking for Runner role in London but during Coronavirus I’d like help/assist from home with production/postproduction or film!