1. Hi all! Is there a site with a list of creative industry events to attend in New York? If not - does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Hi guys! Female model and MUA/hair needed (non commissioned) for an editorial type of shoot for a small London based brand next week!
  3. Hi community! What are the top 3 skills that you would love to learn in the future? Can be anything?
  4. Hello!! I’m stylist / fashion designer. Would be a pleasure if someone in London want to make fashion editorials or photoshootings !
  5. How does one become a Picture Desk/ Photo Editor?
  6. Hi everyone, Could you visit my website and give me some feedback to improve it, please. Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for stylists to shoot new projects and editorials. check my profile or ig @alarconadrian
  8. Hi! I have just graduated with a degree in Fashion Business and Promotion and looking for a creative marketing role.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm a documentary filmmaker, currently looking for a job/internship as a Researcher or an Editor.
  10. Hi, I'm looking forward to expand my portfolio as a composer, so I'm offering to write some original music FOR FREE, short films/publicity
  11. Hi everyone, I have just moved to the UK and I am looking to join a studio as a Junior Designer!
  12. Hi guys looking to do photography or Photoshop internship or work experience. I don't mid if it's unpaid. message me .
  13. Here are Radio representative who looking for new music for rotation?
  14. Hey guys. We are looking for freelance Graphic designer for brand Feelz! Check our instagram: email:
  15. Hi, I am looking for job as sculptor, creative artist in film industry, theatre, television.
  16. Hello. I am looking for people to collab with on projects. Message me and let's get creative
  17. Hello, I am looking to assist photographers (or in studio) to gain some professional experience. Is anybody in need in London from November?
  18. Hey, My name is Aadam Cruz-Bham - I'm a BA Graphic Branding & Identity graduate with exp. Is anyone looking for Junior Designers/interns?
  19. Hearst UK are looking for a graphic design intern to work on a fashion account on a 2 month rolling contract starting asap.
  20. Hi, The Dots Community, I'm looking for collaboration: Photographers Stylists Film Makers ..
  21. Hi, The-Dots Comunity, I'm looking for collaborations. Photographers; Stylists; Film-Makers. Thank you
  22. Hi! I'm thinking to create a short animated film according to my screenwriting that I have already. This is just a side project of mine.
  23. Hey everyone! I've recently graduated from University. I'm a music video director/filmmaker, currently looking for a job/internship.
  24. Hello, everyone :D looking for a videographer, interesting fashion designers, and MUA in order to participate in a fashion film content