1. Hey is there anyone based in Kent? just finished uni so I got a but more time on my hands :)
  3. Hey! I'm looking for models to collaborate next week. If you are based in East-London let me know and let's create something nice.
  4. Here I am, opening up and sharing with you all my sensitive side with a collection of personal thoughts, feelings and poems.
  5. How to easily Download Facebook Videos?
  6. Hello, I am a professional 3D Artist & I do Product Visualization for Brands and make 3D renders for their catalog and advertising.
  7. Hi Everyone! I’m looking to build my portfolio so if you need proofreading, copy writing or article work, please get in touch!
  8. Hi! Does anyone here also have linkedin?
  9. Hey, I’d like to make a short film around self isolating, would anyone be willing to send me a clip explaining how this has been for them ☺️
  10. Hi - sharing an open call for submissions for a digital exhibition we're adding to an online streaming event.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for someone to share their experience and the impact being paid late by clients (or not at all) has had on their business.
  13. Here's a link to my website I appreciate anyone who takes 5mins to take a look. Stay safe.
  14. Hi, we are working on new social platform Which features you would like to have as creator/biz owner? Thx
  15. Hi All, Hope you have been negotiating these last few weeks with some form of positivity. New scrolling website trial. Feedback please.
  16. Hi, I recently updated my illustration portfolio website and would love any feedback on it! The link is Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone! I've started a Facebook styling group to help people find work during corona. Please join, share and feel free to post jobs!
  18. Hi guys, i would love to hear your opinion and get some feedback on my first project that i upload on "The Dots", my first book :)
  19. Hey guys, am being asked about commission work and have no idea how to price my artwork... can anyone help?! DM me :)
  20. How are artists managing to make money during this time? I am finding it very difficult to find remote jobs that are paid reasonably!
  21. Happy Bank Holiday! I'm looking for someone who can look over my CV and give me advice about my value proposition. Any advice welcome!
  22. Hi all, if anyone has any projects they would like a warm, charming and confident voice for, let me know!
  23. Hi all, if anyone has any projects they would like a warm, charming and confident voice for, let me know!
  24. Hello writing and media community! I would appreciate some advice on my writing CV as part of a career transition. Thanks in advance.