1. How can i buy Telegram members?
  2. Hello, I'm a third-year creative media student looking for illustrators/animators to collaborate with on an animated music video project.
  3. Hello! During lockdown I’ve been working on a self-initiated project about the oval, on often forgotten shape.
  4. hey everyone as some of you may know that piratestudios are reopening from15 june 2020 id like to take the time to call Artist out there
  5. Hello :) I am a talented digital and print copywriter who can unravel my ideas and elevate web interaction. Get in touch! :)
  6. Hi there - we are in the making of our next collaborative campaign, EXPOSED, calling out emerging brands and NEW Talent.
  7. How often does video content fail to meet the mark due to the neglect of a dedicated audio specialist?
  8. Headshots on portfolio/CVs, yes or no?
  9. Hello! Could someone please help a designer out?
  10. Hello, I am looking to build my brand as a social media manager and content creator - does anyone have any tips?
  11. Hello! I have recently finished my media communications degree and I am looking for work in social media management/content creation.
  12. hey everyone I would love some feedback on my dots portfolio.. thank you
  13. Hello! Hope you're all doing fine. Looking for someone to be a marketing assistant? Or create social media content?
  14. Hey everybody, I'm currently looking for my first journalism jobs and I would love recommendations. I'm open to internships to full-time.
  15. Hello, I am an artist, graphic designer and beginner illustrator open for business!
  16. Hi, I’m new on here... looking to connect and build up my network of creative contacts in and around London. Thanks!
  17. Hello, I am an artist, graphic designer and illustrator open for business :)
  18. Hi everyone, I'm available for freelance design roles. Here is my portfolio. Feel free to contact if you need anything
  19. How satisfied have you been with your employer's support of yourself and/or colleagues during COVID-19?
  20. Hi, does anyone know of any small business that would need some graphic design work? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi all I’m about to start doing freelance work, selling some of my hand tufted rugs. Any tips on creating a strong online presence for this?
  22. Hi everybody , I guest blogged for The Crep Culture: Is There A Better Air Force Than One With A Backstory?
  23. Hi, Any budding nature writers / filmmakers out there that are looking to host their pieces on ?
  24. Hi! nice to see so many creatives in one place! I really enjoy video editing but have no idea how to get into the career, any advice?