1. Hi all, Are there any good courses / classes which focus on Marketing Strategy? Preferably London based :-)
  2. Hi everybody? I´m interested in learning about typography and type design. Could you recommend a good online course? Or maybe a good book?
  3. Hi all! Looking to boost my photography representation - anyone out there know any cracking agents? Check my profile to see style of work!
  4. Hey, is anyone in need of a freelance graphic designer? Please contact on the dot or via my email:
  5. Hello everyone :) I was wondering if anyone could offer some constructive criticism and feedback on my page/portfolio. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, I’m looking for an exciting fashion, makeup or food brand looking to hire a new marketing assistant to their growing team
  7. Hey guys, i am inviting you join me in Russell Brunson's "One Funnel Away Challenge
  8. How do I find an experienced freelancer to create my official 'artist's' instagram? I'd appreciate website recommendations! Thank you! :D
  9. Hello everyone!! Do someone knows or can recomend places to make footwear / shoe design internships in London? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone, looking to start my own podcast. Does anyone have recommendations on entry level equipment?
  11. Hello, as a junior illustrator I wanted to ask illustrators who work with an agent, how did you originally find one?
  12. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a quiet space ( ideally free) to record an episode of YSM8 podcast. Central / East London based. 1hr 20min max
  13. Heeey, I am looking for a freelance creative role. Does someone have a interesting assignment?! I am located in Amsterdam.
  14. Hi Guys, I recently started out here at The Dots with both myself and my work, so this is maybe a basic question:
  15. Hey everyone! Changing career from Client-Side to Agency-Side. It is easy to make this change in the London market?
  16. Hello everyone! Is there anyone open to mentoring me in Copy writing and Creative Direction within the Creative Industry please?
  17. Hello! I'm on the look out for way finding and signage designers freelance and perm for several London agencies. Is anyone free? :)
  18. Hi guys, looking for a speaker for a uni talk, someone who would connect with a 18-24, and is quite recognisable.
  19. Hi!! Does any influencer or magazine needs a fashion photographer for Milan's Fashion Week?
  20. Having trouble pricing a strategy. Any ideas of the price range for 3-6 month strategy for a luxury brand? 360 degree campaign for launch
  21. Hi, does anyone know any junior motion designer position available ?
  22. Hello! I’m looking for a E-commerce product photographer based in London. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  23. Looking for a Thinker to set up my business in music via art.
  24. HI everyone, I'm fashion stylist based in London looking to collaborate with creatives. Feel free to contact me. Thank you