1. HI everyone, I'm fashion stylist based in London looking to collaborate with creatives. Feel free to contact me. Thank you
  2. HI everyone, I'm fashion stylist based in London looking to collaborate with creatives. Feel free to contact me. Thank you
  3. Hi I need some feedback about my portfolio, can anyone help me? Thank you so much!!!
  4. Hi im looking for a MUA London based for a menswear editorial - this is time for print.
  5. Hello! Can anyone recommend courses in Digital Marketing/PR based in London?
  6. How do I start creating?
  7. Hello! I am a Website Designer and Digital Marketer to just moved to London and am looking for a part-time job in this space.
  8. Hi, does anyone have any courses or books they can recommend for understanding Block chain technology?
  9. Hello there! I am looking for internships (can be unpaid) in the area of London. I am interested in fields of Fashion and Art! Thank you!!
  10. How does one grow to become a good mentor/manager to someone in the workplace?
  11. How do I gain experience in book design?
  12. How do I change my background picture? I keep re-uploading from my computer (in the edit settings) but t still keeps the old image.
  13. Hi! Is there any company or influencer interested in hiring a streetsyle photographer for next fashion weeks? check my work on my profile!
  14. Hi, I'm am looking for any creative pattern cutting / production roles in London. If anyone knows any companies please let me know. Thanks!
  15. Hey! I’ve just moved to London and looking for a more creative role. I’m a freelance illustrator with a background in user-centred design!
  16. Hello, I am a maker and I would like to know if there anyone that would like something made
  17. Hey Looking to connect with the following mid-junior for side gigs Content writers Art Directors Social Media Ninjas Stock Videographers
  18. Hi there! Anyone know a great free coworking space in London?
  19. Hi all! I'm looking for anyone with experience as a presenter / host.
  20. Hello! I am carrying out a few editorial projects for black history month. I am looking for black MUAs, RETOUCHERS,STYLISTS. TFP project.
  21. Hi everyone! I am looking for a 6 month film/video production internship starting feb 202 in London. Anyone who can help me?
  22. Hi! I am looking for transgender people to help me with a 360 video for my VR project. It won't take a lot of your time
  23. Hello! Any fellow Squarespace Circle members here? If so, how are you finding this platform?
  24. Hey! I have a short animation piece that needs SFX and background music (unfortunately no budget) - if interested lemme know. Thanks!!!