1. How do I gain experience in book design?
  2. How do I change my background picture? I keep re-uploading from my computer (in the edit settings) but t still keeps the old image.
  3. Hi! Is there any company or influencer interested in hiring a streetsyle photographer for next fashion weeks? check my work on my profile!
  4. Hi, I'm am looking for any creative pattern cutting / production roles in London. If anyone knows any companies please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hey! I’ve just moved to London and looking for a more creative role. I’m a freelance illustrator with a background in user-centred design!
  6. How has cloud technology affected your work as a visual designer / illustrator / photographer?
  7. Hello hello! I’m looking for an internship or job in graphic design. Any recommendations?
  8. Hello, I am a maker and I would like to know if there anyone that would like something made
  9. Hey Looking to connect with the following mid-junior for side gigs Content writers Art Directors Social Media Ninjas Stock Videographers
  10. Hi there! Anyone know a great free coworking space in London?
  11. Hi all! I'm looking for anyone with experience as a presenter / host.
  12. Hello! I am carrying out a few editorial projects for black history month. I am looking for black MUAs, RETOUCHERS,STYLISTS. TFP project.
  13. Hi everyone! I am looking for a 6 month film/video production internship starting feb 202 in London. Anyone who can help me?
  14. Hi! I am looking for transgender people to help me with a 360 video for my VR project. It won't take a lot of your time
  15. Hello! Any fellow Squarespace Circle members here? If so, how are you finding this platform?
  16. Hey! I have a short animation piece that needs SFX and background music (unfortunately no budget) - if interested lemme know. Thanks!!!
  17. Hey! I am looking to upgrade to an iMac, However I am lost on choices? What would you recommend? Only sure thing is that I want it to be 27"
  18. Hey, I'm a fashion writer seeking freelance work? I'm currently available two days a week.
  19. Hey there to all the creative heads out here. I would love some suggestions on good Travel writing books, do mention why you like it too!
  20. Hey everyone! I'm looking for some creatives to join a paid research project in LDN, TKY, SHA, HKG, MUM, SF and STHLM. Get in touch!
  21. Hello wonderful people! I am looking to organise a small reunion in central London. Can anyone help me out with free venue places please?
  22. How valuable has your degree been? I'm questioning going to uni!
  23. Hi, I'm a freelance communications consultant with almost 10 years' experience offering PR, social media marketing & copywriting services.
  24. Hi, I’m looking to enter the murky world of freelance (maybe) and wondered if there were any freelance sites I should be joined up to?