1. Hello! Any fellow Squarespace Circle members here? If so, how are you finding this platform?
  2. Hey! I have a short animation piece that needs SFX and background music (unfortunately no budget) - if interested lemme know. Thanks!!!
  3. Hey! I am looking to upgrade to an iMac, However I am lost on choices? What would you recommend? Only sure thing is that I want it to be 27"
  4. Hey, I'm a fashion writer seeking freelance work? I'm currently available two days a week.
  5. Hey there to all the creative heads out here. I would love some suggestions on good Travel writing books, do mention why you like it too!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm looking for some creatives to join a paid research project in LDN, TKY, SHA, HKG, MUM, SF and STHLM. Get in touch!
  7. Hello wonderful people! I am looking to organise a small reunion in central London. Can anyone help me out with free venue places please?
  8. How valuable has your degree been? I'm questioning going to uni!
  9. Hi, I'm a freelance communications consultant with almost 10 years' experience offering PR, social media marketing & copywriting services.
  10. Hi, I’m looking to enter the murky world of freelance (maybe) and wondered if there were any freelance sites I should be joined up to?
  11. Hi Londoners! I’ll be in London from 5-16 of Oct and looking for creative networking events. Recommendations? Thank you!
  12. Hello, I'm a graduate textile designer looking for freelance/full-time career opportunities!
  13. Hi All, Looking to get more work doing headshots/Product shots for businesses. Does anyone know any good websites/places that i can try?
  14. Hello Everyone, What skills do you want to be endorsed for?
  15. Hey I'm a freelancer looking for new illustration and graphic design work! Get in touch (:
  16. Heeey Guys! I am a trying to create some connections and possibly work together in the future ;)
  17. HELP! Any producers/filmmakers familiar with the Islington Assembly Hall in London?
  18. Hey all! looking for a confident junior/mid-level videographer with experience shooting and editing fashion film?
  19. Hey I’m a illustrator and designer recently graduated looking for freelance work and collaborations! Feel free to contact me :)
  20. Hi! I'm doing some primary research for my last uni project (AAH!) It would mean the world if you can take 2 minutes out of your time
  21. Hi! video conversion Q-- i have a large .mov file 6gb and i need to as a mp4 file-- anyone know the best platform to convert it. Tried many!
  22. Hey I’m a motion graphic designer looking for freelance work and collaborations! Feel free to contact me :)
  23. Hey, I'm a graphic illustrator, designer and motion artisit. Looking for some exciting freelance projects to sink my teeth into. Get at me!
  24. Hey, anyone familiar with Cargo Collective website builder and can help me finish mine with an online store added! xxx xx